Resign TODAY Christopher Wray! GO!

Posted February 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The BOTTOM LINE is you are a pussified bureaucrat stuck into the wrong job and you have neither the brains nor the balls to fix the FBI.  GO AWAY!

You were too slow to fire Andrew McCabe,  you failed to fire Peter Strzok and Lisa Page,  you failed to make the folks running the Tips Line take their jobs seriously.

You have continued to provide cover for both Mueller and Comey,  instead of launching hard-hitting investigations of both these political sell-out traitors.

You’ve utterly FAILED to investigate and disclose to the American People exactly how and why fraudulent FISA warrants were obtained by rogue FBI leaders – in their attempt to aid Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump.

This failure makes you either a co-conspirator or a deeply embedded political pussy.  GO!

You’ve been in office since August 2nd (197 days ago),  but you’ve FAILED to reopen investigations into Fast & FuriousBenghaziUranium OneFusion GPSHillary’s email server,  and the fake charity known as the Clinton Global Initiative

This makes you an accomplice after the fact, i.e. – a criminal.  GO!

You have not rendered worthy public service to our Republic;  – you have wasted time, – wasted opportunity,  – and let evidence grow cold.

In the case of Douglas High School – despite 2 warnings you failed to halt a massacre – and 17 people are dead.  RESIGN!

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