RepubliCrat Wimps Will Cave

Posted November 26th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Why? Career and 2014 Mid-Terms mean more than any Republican, Conservative, or Constitutional principles.  They’ll break their pledge to Norquist – and to you.

They watched Allen West’s losing battle, – don’t want to be the next one branded ‘extreme‘, ‘racist‘ or ‘protecting the top 2%‘.

They’ve been snake-bit and worn down, they’re simply tired of the fight. They’ve become so comfortable in their Washington lifestyle they’ll cave on almost anything to avoid either a primary fight or the ‘Allen West treatment’ in 2014.

Result – look for Obama to have an easy time turning them into rubber stamps. Obama MUST have this one (1) victory in 2013 – a super-tax on at least the wealthiest 1% – if not the top 2%.  THEN each following year he can lower the bar… Next cave-in will be immigration, then guns.

2 Responses to “RepubliCrat Wimps Will Cave”

  1. Tom

    It is always about reelection, principals be damned. Peter King, once one of the most vocal opponents has now become a turncoat. Watch Brown, if he decides to run again he will flip with the others. The only answer is term limits, but that is unlikely.

  2. Sam Adams

    Interesting, isn’t it? These wimps’ “no tax” pledges were NOT to the Democrat Party. Their pledges were to the voters.