Republican Dean Tran WINS State Senate Seat!

Posted December 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The humble man with the ready smile won over the lifetime Democrat,  – but it was damned close!

Fitchburg’s At-Large City Councilor Dean Tran won by (still unofficial) 607 votes of the (unofficial) 15,627 cast Tuesday.

Sue Chalifoux Zephir had 6,633 votes,  and she can thank two minor party candidates for siphoning off enough liberal votes to insure Tran’s win.   Maybe too,  she should have returned the questionnaire from Mass Gun Rights…?

Sue Chalifoux Zephir had refused to return the standard questionnaire from Mass Gun Rights.  Who knows what that arrogance cost her…?


Dean Tran is a perfect gentleman – way too polite to ever say this;….

…but maybe with the election of Trump,…and the revelations this past year about Hillary,….even lifelong Democrats are taking a much closer look at what their party candidates really stand for.

Congratulations Dean – to you,  your staff,  and your whole family.  You’re about to wade into a cesspool on Beacon Hill.   Make us proud!

9 Responses to “Republican Dean Tran WINS State Senate Seat!”

  1. John 'Ben' Beninati

    A great win . We can only hope it’s a start of better things to come.

  2. Sherox

    So happy to see this today!

  3. Catherine

    What WONDERFUL news!

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Congratulations, Senator Tran!

    EVERYONE, please go to Dean’s campaign website and make a small donation. There are always outstanding campaign expenses to be paid once the battle is won.

  5. Mt Woman

    I live in Fitchburg, so Dean was my City Councilor and now my State Senator. Finally, I can feel truly represented and my voice will be heard. The Dems must be thinking that they are in the middle of a nightmare–they brought out their biggest guns, Warren, Healey, Tsongas–nothing mattered. Tran’s voice resonated with the voters in Worcester-Middlesex. Be Proud!! a win is a win 600 votes or 6000 votes.

  6. Kojack

    This is a promising development and hopefully a good omen for Geoff Diehl and other conservatives. Hopefully “the real Indian” who is now running as an independent won’t peal away too many votes from him.

    Now if only someone can convince Shauna O’Connell to primary Tall Duval.

  7. Phil

    Thrilled that Tran won. I would note that Markey is not one of the most despised Mass politicians. He is far too much of a non-entity to be that hated. Liz Warren is loathsome enough for enough for two people which matches her number of faces.

  8. Panther 6

    Way to go for your new Senator. Nice to see our Vietnamese – American citizens contributing. I hope he does well.

  9. Joshua Norman

    Unfortunately, Dean Tran’s first interview one day after winning the election has him declaring amnesty now, amnesty tomorrow and amnesty forever.

    Oh, he also supports the 2006 RomneyCare socialized healthcare programme and gave mixed communications about the 2018 Bathroom Bill repeal.

    I remember when Dave Kopacz served as MARA President, the grassroots didn’t claim pro-amnesty, socialized healthcare moderates as our own.