Replacing Massachusetts Windbags

Posted December 27th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Will MassHoles run out of Kennedys?
Replacing Windbags

They’re still stunned from that cold January night in 2010 when the votes were counted and local DemDarling ‘Marsha’ Coakley came up short 109,425 votes.  Even a non-Kennedy Kennedy running as an independent couldn’t be blamed – he got a bare 22,237 votes – proving that some MassHoles will vote for anything named Kennedy.

Now – even before Lurch’s confirmation hearings [proforma?] – panic has set in.  How can they ensure a reliable über-liberal gets elected to replace him.  Inevitably Democratic eyeballs turn to “Miss Vicki” – Fat Teddy’s widow.  In their eyes she may be perfectly qualified…

1.  She says that she loved Teddy.  Lying with a straight face is an imperative –  MassHole voters demand it!Walrus Ted

2.  If she was callous and desperate enough for fame and fortune to sleep with the gelatinous murderous walrus Fat Teddy, then surely she must be vacuous, corruptible and malfeasant enough to guarantee the continuum of über-left votes on abortion, judges, gun control, and wasteful spending.

3.  She’s from out-of-state.  Since the Cherokee Squaw – this seems to be the new thing.

4.  She has no experience in government.  Perfect!  No voting record to criticize.

5.  She can self-fund her own campaign….

6.  Her name is Kennedy.  That’s all MassHoles really need to see on a ballot.

In any debate with Scott Brown, all she’ll need to do is tear up and say “I wish Teddy was here…”, or “…I know what Teddy would do…”

Scott – you’re cooked again!   The MassGOP is lying dead on Merrimac Street, – and you totally pissed off the TEA Party folks who got you elected three years ago. Even your mostly-Democratic voting record can’t save you.

And,…in a way, winning that senate seat would move Miss Vicki to become the new titular head of the Kennedy Clan.  Move over Caroline…
Ed Markey Running

One Response to “Replacing Massachusetts Windbags”

  1. Sam Adams

    If that buffoon, Scott Brown, was a real Republican instead of a pathetic enabler for the anti-constitutional Democrat Party and the U.N. he would have had a chance over the fake Indian, no problem.
    Some dopes in the MassGOP think they should hand this fake the keys to the Republican Party here in Marx-achusetts.
    You think the party’s dead now? Wait till he gets a hold of it. There won’t even be a skeleton.