Rep Chaka Fattah: Corrupt, Cheap, & Dumb

Posted January 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Oh of course this dumb SOB is a Dumbocrat – he isn’t even paying his defense attorneys….
Chaka Fattah
District Judge Harvey S. Bartle III told this 10-term corrupt congress critter [sucking on the public teat since 1983] to reconsider his priorities, – since he’s been fundraising for his re-election,  – but hasn’t paid his lawyers in months.  They want off his racketeering case.

Hey, maybe Obama has promised all Black politicians a presidential pardon?

UPDATE:  Tuesday 21 June 2016   GUILTY x 29 Charges!

Oh, he’s still a Hillary SuperDelagate to the DNC next month…

Chaka Fattah GUILTY x 29

3 Responses to “Rep Chaka Fattah: Corrupt, Cheap, & Dumb”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This is blatant race baiting, hate speech, where is Al and Jessie to the rescue. How do these people keep getting reelected in their urban, entitlement enclaves? Who do there people think they are? Do they have no scruples? Do the voters ever vet these creeps? What have they been promised for free stuff? Will they ever stand up and follow the rule of law, will they ever shake off this Democrst curse and their subjectivity to the underclass?

  2. Hawk1776

    Like father like son, or maybe like son like father. Fattah Jr has been convicted of 22 counts of federal bank and tax fraud charges. I’m surprised he didn’t use genetic deficiency as a defense. Hopefully there will soon be a family reunion behind bars.

    “Chip” Fattah Jr.

    Chip Fattah Jr  convicted

  3. Panther 6

    This is a classic example of a demorat who should be flushed from the system and into the slammer. What a bumbo demorat! Off the charts if you ask me.