Remembering Political Indifference

Posted December 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The indifference of our 1930s political and military leaders toward the growing reach of the Japanese Navy was largely rooted in racism and ignorance.

America was thought to have no strategic or vital trading interests in the orient.   We were selling our scrap iron to the Japanese….  Our Democrat President – just reelected to a 3rd Term,  – was preoccupied with the war in Europe,  – and our economy.

In the Spring of 1941,  a few hundred Americans recruited by General Claire Chennault were fighting on the side of the Chinese against invading Japanese forces.  They were the American Volunteer Group, – later called the “Flying Tigers”.

Roosevelt thought they would be enough to contain Japanese ambitions in the Far East.

In 1941,  the Imperial Japanese Navy had 6 heavy and 6 light aircraft carriers,  – and 7 more under construction…

The US Navy was operating 6 carriers, – split between two oceans….

Our Navy was based on battleships.

Do you suppose as you read these words,  that either China Joe Bribe’em or Kamala Harris have even a CLUE about the size and reach of the growing Chinese Navy?

Do you ~ think ~ that either the coin-operated Biden or the race-baiting Harris have a clear understanding of China’s strategic needstheir near-term goals, – – or the kind of political desperation that President Xi Jinping feels every day waking up?

The ONLY thoughts about our troops that Biden or Harris have EVER had,  – was how to keep their votes from being counted!

What has changed since 1926?

3 Responses to “Remembering Political Indifference”

  1. Jim Buba

    China has deployed its navy throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. They have ‘invested’ and foreclosed upon several nations in violation of International Law securing only Chinese Law in China courts from useful idiots in charge.

    They have been harassing maritime traffic in the South China Sea AND BUILDING landing craft anticipating the invasion of Taiwan

    This Virus is just the cloaking of the dagger and it has been China, NOT Russian Collusion since 1949.

  2. panther 6

    Jim Buba has nailed it. They also have tentacles into various Mid East/African/South American nations and have a strong presence and control in our old Panama Canal. WE have been asleep at the switch and the Chinese have stolen several marches on us. Don’t forget we fought a war against them on the Korean Peninsula which has in their mind for sure, never ended.

  3. Varvara

    All those islands with the long runways were built for what purpose?