Remember Pearl Harbor!

Posted December 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

And EVERYTHING which followed over the next 1367 BLOODY days!
7 Dec 41 A Bad Idea Begins

The Japanese plan for their attack at Pearl Harbor was part desperation, part dreadful miscalculation, and part
really bad luck.

They were desperate.  They were trying to survive as an island nation with an economy fueled by manufacturing.  Their invasions of Korea went ignored in the West.  Their invasions of Manchuria barely noticed, and not until they began to attack Western interests in China was there any alarm – or reaction.

The US led an economic embargo – which was working.  The Japs became desperate for oil – and steel. 

They were pretty sure the Americans – who were publicly resolved to stay out of the war then raging across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa – would quickly end the embargo if their Pacific Fleet could be knocked out in a quick, decisive, sneak attack.

After all, their sneak attack on the Russian fleet anchored – with lights on – in Port Arthur on the night of Monday 4 February 1904 – 38 years earlier,  had been a huge success.  It had opened the way for their conquest of Manchuria. 

It has also sown the seeds of civilian discontent in Russia – leading directly to  the 1917 Russian Revolution.

In those 38 years the Japanese had studied, even copied western navies. They grasped the power of aircraft carriers, – and built many – and trained extensively with them.  Their senior admirals had studied in the US. 

They had quietly and secretly rehearsed their attack on Pearl Harbor.

And they were well aware of the political divisions within American naval ranks between air power advocates, battleship men, and our tiny submarine force.  They’d watched our navy preparing to fight a naval war in terms of hundreds of miles, – not thousands.

Now they were embarking on an attack of over 8,000 miles – round trip.

They fully understood our tiny army was undermanned and under-gunned to even fight a defensive war on the continental US.   Across the North Atlantic, German submarines were having their way with allied shipping, making the US Navy look hapless to stop them.
Tripartite Pact

Their ace-in-the-hole was a pact they’d signed with Hitler and Musollini. 

So desperate for steel, oil from the Dutch East Indies, rubber from French Indo-China,  they weighed the known risks,…and attacked. 

GRASP THAT:  a small island nation of 73 million people – already deeply embroiled in a war in China – and without raw materials – was attacking a vast continental nation of 132 million people – with unlimited access to raw materials. 

What could go wrong…?

hiroshima atomic bomb
By mid-1943 we had 50,000 propeller-driven aircraft – in the sky –
flying every day!  Many of their pilots and crews had never even been in an aircraft on Sunday, 7 Dec 1941.

Payback was a BITCH

We lost 111,606 troops fighting the Japs.

The Chinese carried the crushing burden of that fight [2.5 million soldiers, 7.5 million civilians] – and we supplied them by flying supplies over the ‘Hump’.

Then in 1946,  Harry Truman abandoned them to their fate…   Yes, Truman was a racist, – a stupid man [had only finished high school] with no world vision.

3 Responses to “Remember Pearl Harbor!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I don’t think the fact that Truman only finishing high school was what made him stupid and racist. He probably got that from his parents. I do think we should have supported the Nationalists vs the commies, though.

  2. Walter Knight

    In victory, we treated Japan a lot better than they would have treated us had Japan got the bomb first. Yet, some still complain about using atomic weapons on two of their cities.

    Japan is lucky not to be a burned out radioactive cinder, fit only for roaches. And, their Emperor should have been hanged.

  3. Hawk1776

    One of the primary reasons the US was successful in WW2 was it’s manufacturing capability. Ships, planes and armaments rolled off American assembly. Now consider that everything is made in China. How does that make you feel?