Religion Of Peace Kills Another 26

Posted July 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Bottom Line? Islam wants you DEAD!   A group of al-Shabaab fanatics in Kismayo, Somalia attacked the Asasey Hotel, killing 26, wounding 56, – including every Westerner they could find.

The four 7th Century attackers were eventually sent to meet Allah,  but not before they’d killed two Americans, three Kenyans, three Tanzanians, a Brit, a Canadian,  and wounded 2 Chinese, along with several prominent Somali political figures.

Well organized,  an al Shabaab spokesman reported during the attack that “at least one white man” had been killed.  Coexist?  As always, these cowards attacked a target that was essentially undefended.

Ten years ago these lads would have been out in the Indian Ocean trying to hijack commercial shipping for ransom, but the shipping industry has fortified their ships and hired armed guards, – so today they’re attacking softer, easier targets, – like hotels full of women.

Will our obnoxious Congressional Muslim loud-mouths have anything to say about the attack in Kismayo?  Do they even know where it is?


Omar speaks of the 9/11 Al Qaeda attacks….

…because some people did something…”

You can bathe ’em, dress ’em up, – feed ’em, – give ’em running water,  paved streets,  and air conditioning,…but the 7th Century barbarian still burns brightly within….

REMEMBER:  Under cover of darkness and in unmarked aircraft, – Obama had thousands of Somalis flown into America and dumped in major US cities.  The seeds of al Shabaab are ALREADY HERE!

2 Responses to “Religion Of Peace Kills Another 26”

  1. Sherox

    The mistake that was made was that after 9/11 that the entire Middle East wasn’t completely leveled.

  2. Kojack

    Events like this will keep ocurring until the 7th century barbarians are exterminated along with their cult……including the ones who have infiltrated the west and been elected to congress.