Rejoice – With Extreme Caution

Posted May 2nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Osama [Usama] bin Laden is dead.
Our ‘War on Terror’ is hardly over.

And if you hear our pResident crowing, and Democrats singing his praises, remember that this important tactical victory is due to the plans, policies, and procedures put in place by George W. Bush.

Mister Obama merely continued the march that George Bush and Dick Cheney began.

The minute that some smart-ass Democrat tries to tell you that ‘Obama did what Bush couldn’t’ – just remind them that the initial clues came from waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  He gave up the nicknames of the two ‘trusted curriers’,  and after years of piecing together bits of information, the trail led to Abbotabad.

Any crowing that Obama does now is akin to a rooster claiming credit for the sunrise.

Any thoughts you have that now our ‘War on Terror’ is somehow over is naïve in the extreme.

There are about 1 Billion Muslims in the world. No, not all of them hate us, but a LOT of them do. Most who do hate you won’t act on it, but SOME will. Others like many in Pakistan these past nine years will not lift a finger to help root out terrorists. Instead they’ll pretend to know nothing, while quietly cheering on the murderers.

The Muslim world stretches from Indonesia, to the Philippines, to South Asia on to the Middle East, across Africa, into Russia, and Europe, and even into North and South America.

Across all of it there are Muslims who cherish the dream of the world-wide caliphate. There are probably some living in your home town. You may go to school or to work with one or more of these dreamers.

We ~ may ~ have one in the White House. We should take care to vote him out next year.

But killing bin Laden and voting out Obama will not solve our terror problem. Terror is just their tactic, – or rather just one of their tactics.

They are also out-breeding both the Western civilizations and the Chinese.

And everywhere they live young Islamists dream of becoming the next bin Laden, or the next suicide pilots, or just walking into your pizza parlor with an explosive vest or a hand grenade, and earning themselves the mythical 72 virgins.

Enjoy this day. Enjoy this week. Take nothing for granted, and remain on guard. This war between Islam and the civilized world has been going on for 1400 years. The Crusades didn’t end it. The burial at sea of one dead mystic won’t either!

   Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Rejoice – With Extreme Caution”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The White House, for fear of further offending their far left base, has been reluctant to mention that the intelligence that was obtained from KSM by non other than water boarding was what led to the final demise of OBL. While the pResident continues to take his victory laps (he is scheduled to appear on 60 Minutes for more media addoration) the real credit goes to the interrogators at the rendition prisons and GITMO, Seal Team Six, JSOC and the CIA.