Reed Hoffman “Apologizes”? Bullshit!

Posted December 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The 2017 Alabama Senate Special Election was held to fill the seat of Jeff Sessions,  – who had just become our under-performing Attorney General.

Democrats were determined to flip the seat, – so they employed a two-prong attack on the Republican – former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

FIRST they found a series of women who claimed that Roy Moore had either “been inappropriate” with them, – or had engaged in sex with them when they were under-age.

Long after the election these women were all thoroughly debunked,  – but the damage had been done and deeply Christian voters avoided Moore.

Today Linkedin founder and Billionaire Reed Hoffman is “apologizing” for being careless with the money he gave Mikey Dickerson and his New Data Project – which engineered the SECOND PRONG of the attack on Roy Moore.

Dickerson (dick-head) is the Obama Democrat who organized the internet campaign to make it LOOK LIKE the RUSSIANS were supporting Roy Moore.

Their ‘story line’ was a continuation of the Trump-Putin Collusion lie which Democrats were telling each other in 2017 to explain how Hillary had just lost a rigged election.

It didn’t need to be sophisticated,  – the target audience in Alabama didn’t understand the internet, Facebook, Twitter, followers, false accounts, or bots.

It was just sophisticated enough to churn the rumor mill,  – and fire up otherwise disinterested Democrat voters (they knew it would be a low-turnout election),  – and turn off Conservative Christians.

Between the fake sex scandals and the fake Russian followers,  – Jones squeaked out a razor-thin victory.  He’s sitting in a stolen seat.

One Response to “Reed Hoffman “Apologizes”? Bullshit!”

  1. Panther 6

    Surely this is a criminal act. Someone, maybe start with Mikey D, should be indicted, tried and convicted for this messing with our electoral system.