Red Flag Laws: Understanding The Evil

Posted August 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It happens after every mass murder – whether committed by Muslims or madmen.  Well-intended people decide “…we’ve got to DO SOMETHING about these GUNS!”

Sadly, – frighteningly – most of those urging Red Flag Laws don’t have a clue about History, – and they don’t understand how their emotional reactions are already aiding future genocides.

The CORE of the PROBLEM:  Gun-Phobic Americans

In those 156 years (eight generations) between the Pilgrims landing and the beginning of our Revolution, the Colonists all had guns. They were a requirement to stay alive.

If you were unarmed,  the Indians might come,  and your scalp would then hang outside their lodges a souvenir.  As equal-opportunity savages, they killed and scalped women and children too.  Back then women knew how to load muskets and shoot straight.

After our terribly bloody Civil War, change began to creep across the land. It was Socialism, – but it came disguised in several forms and causes; unionizing factory workers, women’s suffrage, the Temperance Movement, and the pacifism (anti-war) movement. Suddenly guns were seen by some as evil as the Little Brown Jug.

The pacifism movement gained great appeal when the full scope of the WWI casualty numbers became public knowledge.

The Socialists also called themselves “Progressives” – and championed a number of reasonable-sounding causes,…..women’s suffrage, factory and mine safety, free public education, teacher’s unions, public sector unions, “a woman’s right to choose”,..AA/EEO, ..and lately legalizing legalizing marijuana.

I won’t discuss all of these here, – suffice it to say “free public education” at the hands of unionized socialist teachers means your kids and grandkids are graduating high school with ZERO knowledge of History,  and no tools with which to evaluate current events or political promises….

Hell, some of them can’t even make change in a store….

But in their Robot Programming Factories (your local school system) they learned all about Man-Made Global Warming and celebrating the love lives of their LGTBQ classmates,  – and maybe they were even taken to a Mosque…

Thus today gun-phobic citizens and their cunning Progressive politicians are once again trying to OUTLAW certain “Assault Weapons” – based on their fears, – and on YOUR FEARS.

Yet these SAME Democrats / Socialists / Progressives keep PROVING themselves incapable of administering the very basics of Government.

Driven by their need to control your life – and their FEAR of GUNS, Progressives totally ignore that someone intent on mass murder can find lots of ways to do it.

I can damn near guarantee you that there are at least 20% dead / moved voters on your local voting rolls,  – and nothing short of a COURT ORDER can get them removed.

Dems need those dead voters…so much so that in some states they’re automatically enrolling illegal immigrants to vote when they get their driver’s licenses…

Here in MassHole, there is a scandal evolving at our RMV, because for YEARS the Democrat (Progressive) clerks refused to process DUIs from neighboring states…until a young Ukrainian with multiple DUIs killed 7 Marine vet Motorcyclists up in New Hampshire. He was both drunk and high at the time.

What ‘government office’ could you ever trust to run a RED FLAG REGISTER – and administer it fairly and expeditiously?  AND keep it confidential?

How about the case when an angry spouse or lover goes to the cops and tells them “I’m afraid – he has guns”... What right would you have to prove you’re not a danger to anybody? 

Think you’d EVER get your guns back?

You might refuse to buy your teenager the latest iPhone, or concert tickets, – and he or she might make a similar claim just to get even….

How about the RED FLAG DATABASE being HACKED or STOLEN? 

Here in MassHole Governor Charlie Faker couldn’t even protect and safeguard the MassGOP Donor Database.  Between that and the RMV,  – you want to trust HIM with anything more?

If Progressives think Red Flag Laws are such a good idea, – let them PROVE it FIRST – with VOTER ID LAWS, a Border Wall, – and Drug Testing for Welfare….

7 Responses to “Red Flag Laws: Understanding The Evil”

  1. Varvara

    Well done!

  2. panther 6

    Mike; Agree with Varvera, you nailed it here and it needs to be said and repeated until folks understand. The best thing to counter a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or two or three with guns. Your point about bringing God and the Ten Commandments back into our lives is a bull eye. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jim Buba

    Digging deeper than most, the overwhelming majority of ‘Sick’, ‘Deranged’, ‘Mentally incompetent’ or ‘Cold Blooded’ among us are democrats.

    I do believe it is time to declare the democrat party as a terrorist organization.

    Evil is as evil does.


    Couldn’t agree more Jim!

    After all, – it was Democrats (aka “Liberals”) who just made a movie about hunting Conservatives for sport. They are truly the SICK ones!

  4. Sherox

    Then there is what the VA is doing to Red Flag veterans:

  5. Sherox

    Texas has the right idea when it comes to gun control for the possible mass murderer:

  6. Joshua Norman

    It was a majority of Republican legislators who joined with nearly all the Democrats to vote for the Massachusetts red flag laws last year, including the new MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons and his sidekick Rep Marc Lombardo.



    Craven Constitutional PUSSIES who will vote for anything stupid – to get reelected to their no-heavy-lifting govt jobs.

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    Why does the Second Amendment exist? It exists to arm the population in order to overthrow a tyrannical government. A critical safeguard against tyrants both foreign and domestic.

    Guns save lives. Every time there is a crisis, politicians learn the wrong lesson and come up with the wrong solution and use the crisis as a reason to try to take away our freedoms and grow government bigger. History shows that governments always manipulate tragedies to attempt to disarm the people.

    Guns in the hands of honest law-abiding citizens save lives and property. Gun control laws adversely affect only law-abiding citizens.

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it is too late!