Reasons Dems Are Pushing Impeachment

Posted May 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Legally, with no underlying crime (collusion?) there can be no ‘obstruction’, just Trump voicing his legitimate righteous outrage at an unwarranted witch hunt. Since when did the legality or illegality of an issue ever stop a Democrat?

They’re desperate to deflect attention from REAL CRIMES and REAL TREASON,  stuff so sick and foul it could end the Democrat Party.


Trump makes Hillary, Obama, and the entire Democrat cabal look childish and inept. Suddenly Americans realize Dems have nothing to offer but more welfare and higher taxes, continual racial hatreds, festering inner cities, and insider deals by the DC insiders that enrich the corrupt and weaken our nation.

They hated him for exposing their sleaze.  Then he won!

Golden Showers Dossier (sorry, a little gross):

Some sick mind – either Hillary or somebody quite close to her – came up with the scheme to release a false tale of Trump in Russia (to build a hotel) and hiring Russian hookers for a night of sex, – to include ‘golden showers’ – where the women allegedly urinated on him. 

For good measure there were lurid tales of Playboy centerfolds and porn star Stormy Daniels…

The punch line was supposed to be that the Russians had video – and could easily blackmail a future President Trump any time they needed to.

But most thinking voters had already been won over to the Trump Train,  – and the story line was just so far-fetched that Trump voters ignored or dismissed it as sheer bullshit.  One good look at Melania – and the whole premise of the ploy fell apart.

Golden Showers Gambit BACKFIRES!

The ploy – which would likely have destroyed those other 16 Republicans who ran in 2016 was suddenly a “HOT POTATO’!   The victorious Trump would surely investigate to find out who had besmirched his reputation….

…and if he did,…surely he’d find out about OTHER THINGS…


To deflect attention from all the sins Hillary and the insider Democrats didn’t want exposed – EVER,  – they forced their insider cartel buddies at Justice to launch the Special Counsel – Bob Mueller.

How fortunate that Jeff Sessions has just RECUSED himself from all things Hillary. (What do they still have on Jeff…?)


WHAT do Democrats FEAR having EXPOSED?

The lingering stink attached to those 8 years Bill was President.

Americans have all but forgotten when First Lady Hillary demanded and received hundreds of FBI Files on the Clinton political enemies.

The lingering stink attached to those 8 years Hillary was a US Senator from New York – selling influence and secrets to build her campaign chest.

The lingering stench of her 4 year as SecState – where she sold influence and US Uranium for campaign contributions…

…and let her husband Bill loot the Haitian Relief Fund

The TREASON which occurred during the 8 years of the racist Obama Cartel, when our military was weakened, our allies sold out, ISIS secretly armed while our military was weakened and filled with LGTBQ officers and policies.

The foreign governments that funded the Clinton Global Initiative – by sending the money through the Canadian Branch for transfer to NY City.

How much of that money was diverted to non-charity use – such as Chelsea’s wedding and Hillary’s presidential campaign. The Bitch could still go to prison for Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud, – and lying under oath to Congress.

Hillary’s use of her PRIVATE SERVER to avoid FOIA requests, – then using that private server to send HIGHLY CLASSIFIED emails and texts around the world, THEN DESTROYING THE EVIDENCE.

The Clinton Cartel’s VOTER FRAUD which kept Bernie off the 2016 Democrat Ticket.

The sloppy 2016 DNC use of emails – even after they were warned of foreign hacking.

Hillary’s collusion with Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCain, and AG Loretta Lynch to cover up her crimes, let her off the hook for treason,  – and to plant the Golden Showers dossier with the FBI and the media….

Which officials in the Obama DOJ and FBI were party to lying to the FISA court to get wiretap warrants…?


Early Morning PANIC:  Wed, Nov 9th 2016

Hillary just LOST a FIXED ELECTION!?!?  Oh Gawd!

Can you imagine the dismay, the panic, and the FEAR running through both the Clinton Campaign insiders, the Obama Cartel insiders, and the upper ranks of the FBI and DOJ?

Just hours before they were all expecting to be rewarded by President Hillary with promotions, appointments, and maybe wads of quiet cash….

Comey thought he’d be given the DOJ…

Lynch was expecting to sit on the Supreme Court….

Mueller wanted to run the FBI again….

Biden probably expected to be Ambassador to Ireland.

Rachel Brand and Sally Yates thought they were likely to be named Federal Judges…

John Brennan was sure he’d be WH National Security Advisor…

…and the list goes on…and on…

But Mueller’s team of 17 Clinton Lawyers couldn’t find a shred…..

…and onto the stage stepped Bill Barr….

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    Soon, the shit may well hit the fan….

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