Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona!

Posted August 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

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  1. B Howell

    Thank you Ray Stevens, Thank you Iron Mike.

    I have been to Arizona many times and it was and mostly still is a beautiful state. I have been to the desert after it has rained and seen the desert floor turn into a carpet of yellow flowers. Arizona has a stark beauty. The people are kind and generous. But, now, there are parts of Arizona that look like a third world country. You drive down a road in the desert where a builder is about to put up hundreds of houses and at the crossroads you see cribs, clotheslines with things to be sold hanging, old cars to be sold and usually someone, mostly a woman selling these things.

    Further south, closer to the border you see paths cut through the brush. Well worn paths. You see dirty clothes, empty plastic bottles, sandwich bags. You can see where the wires have been cut and cattle roam the super highways. Steers have been killed and roasted. Drunk armed men have broken into houses and helped themselves to the beer that was in the refrigerator terrifying the family.

    When apprehended the illegals are put in jail. The two sheriffs, Arpio and Balbeau have received death threats for doing their job. Other sheriffs quietly transport their prisoners to Arpio to be sent back to Mexico, via the bus that Arpio bought.

    When I meet people who think this is wrong, I ask if they can tell the difference between an Arabic or Hispanic man in the dark, at 300 yards. This is when they walk away from me.

    Thank you Ray Stevens. Thank you Iron Mike.