RATS! Cesar Sayoc Is A Florida Republican…

Posted October 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Authorities say DNA from the mail bombs led them to a 56-year old Florida man with previous convictions for theft and assault – Cesar Sayoc.

Hey Cesar – the Squaw is still PISSED she didn’t get one.
Gotta wonder – how come the FBI still hasn’t found Seth Rich’s killer…?

6 Responses to “RATS! Cesar Sayoc Is A Florida Republican…”

  1. Vic

    Now I am convinced beyond any doubt that this is a made-for-TV October surprise fake BS story. Nice and neatly wrapped up by Friday.

  2. Don Ginch

    Wow, a fringe-right lunatic who blames the Obama-Clinton Cartel, George Soros, immigrants, etc. for all of the country’s problems AND he drives a vehicle plastered with lunatic slogans, bumper stickers and homemade posters?

    Where have I seen this all before? Oh Right! Acton Massachusett’s own Iron Mike!


    And yet here YOU are “Don”,…day after day reading a Republican blog and trying to understand why REAL PATRIOTS despise the Democrap Party so much.

    Maybe we’ll soon learn a LOT MORE about Mister Sayoc’s background. Maybe he’s just ‘conveniently’ a Republican….

  3. Catherine

    SGT Report is showing that his self-proclaimed “work history” includes jobs like “bomb maker for soros” and “paid actor for DNC” so it seems that there is a LOT more behind this.

    It stinks to high heavens of deep state action. And people with the ability to THINK (apparently unlike dg, above) can see right through it.

  4. Mt Woman

    Crazy is as crazy does…I think that’s Forest Gump or close enough to explain the thinking of true crazy people.

  5. Don Ginch

    Yeah, just keep chugging your Dunkin and read the websites that look like they were put together by Ms. Jones 2nd grade computer class.

    Strangely enough Catherine, I am actually paid to THINK, so don’t assume I’ve skipped that step on my way to determining the root cause of crazy. The American people getting lied to (that’s all of us) should be sensible enough to not let a bigot run things, period.

  6. Kojack

    “Strangely enough Catherine, I am actually paid to THINK”

    Yeah, that’s pretty strange, Don, coming from an elitist who is paid to think but can’t figure out that 99% of current and historical political violence comes from the LEFT. That makes your statement pretty rich too. What a surprise, an elitist who is full of himself.

    Who ever is paying you to “think” is getting hosed big-time.

    Trump hasn’t lied about anything, that why the establishment and the deep state hate him and his supporters love him. He says it like it is.

    Obama was the liar and here are a few more things to think about, Don:
    “Leading from behind” “Spending your way out of debt” “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Jeremiah Wright, Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Cash for Clunkers, $6 Trillion added to the national debt, the Apology Tour, etc. etc. etc.


    Oh Jeez Kojack,…now you’ll TRIGGER him! He’ll need a latte and a cuddle toy and a time-out in his safe space.

    You KNOW liberals can’t deal with REAL FACTS; – that’s why they listen to the FAKE NEWS NETWORKS.