Randy Andy Cuomo Needs A Plea Deal

Posted March 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

In 2018, as Cuomo won his 3rd Term against lesbian actress Cynthia Nixon by 65.5% – he started having visions of the White House…..   So did much of the liberal media.   By mid-2020 they were calling him the anti-Trump.
My,  – how things change after a ‘pandemic’….

It would be hard to find a more in-your-face arrogant governor across the land.   As his trail of abused women becomes longer by the day – he may get a visit from the Albany Police.  His only bargaining chip to avoid prison is his resignation,  – so don’t expect him to depart until he has a signed plea deal.

At RRB we can’t help but notice that Democraps are far more upset with Cuomo for having squeezed a few breasts,  – than they are over the 9,600 elderly Covid patients he sent to die.

Could it be they’re so used to killing babies – that thousands of dead geezers just don’t register…?

Cuomo knows (he’s a lawyer) that if he’s tried for either serial sexual harassment or for the nursing home deaths, – he will not be viewed as a sympathetic defendant.

His only hope of retiring quietly in his old age – at home – is a plea deal covering both criminal acts.

The BIGGER they are….

4 Responses to “Randy Andy Cuomo Needs A Plea Deal”

  1. Joe

    The moron turned off the middle class by signing laws proposed by the crazy leftists, imposing communist rent-stabilization laws on owners of buildings with 6 families or more, and making it much harder for small home owners to evict tenants, even in 2 family homes.

    Many people are losing their houses, because this lunatic and the democrat controlled senate and assembly (the Republicans had a majority in the Senate for ever but lost it in 2018), have created a situation in this state where, when the courts were open, it would take a minimum of 6 or 7 months to even get close to evicting a non-paying tenant.

    Added to this lunacy was de Blasio’s and the communist NYC council’s decree that all NYC tenants would get free legal representation, wherein their legal aid lawyers paperwork the landlord lawyers with motions and delay filings, dragging things out for a year. Enter the pandemic and some landlords have tenants who have been living rent free for over 2 years in NYC. And good luck if you are a struggling small landlord who cannot afford an attorney to help with your eviction. So a bunch of homeowners hate Cuomo. Add to that the crazy no-bail laws he signed last year. Burglars, trespasses, violent lunatics, get released after a few hours with no bail. Enter the pandemic. Rioters and arsonists get released with no bail, to riot and loot and continue destroying the city.

    Had he done his job, of controlling the lunatics in the democrat party, he would have some support from the right. Instead, he supported the nuts and now they turn on him and there is no one who wants him. He will be out soon. The irony is that if President Trump was not defrauded in the election and was still President, Cuomo would not have any of these problems! He would still be the foil to the President! What a dummy! De Blasio will probably be gone soon also. The only support he has left is tepid support from African Americans. He’ll be next. The left eats its own.

  2. panther6

    Joe nailed it. Cuomo is toast and should leave NOW. Go to some country with plenty of ladies of loose morals to live out his days.

    Sure hope DeBlazio is next and soon.

  3. Jim Buba

    dems are quickly cutting ties with Camelot, are they not now eating their young?

  4. Walter Knight

    Everything liberal is a fraud.