Rand Paul’s Wishful Thinking

Posted January 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

The abrasive Senator sees himself as a front-runner,  and just called Hillary a “Blast from the Past”.Rand Paul  Blast from the Past
Rand may wish she’d just go away, but it’s just wishful thinking.  I don’t believe the young man has fully analyzed his opponent, – nor has he surveyed the 2016 political battlefield.  It won’t be just Hillary the Republicans will be running against.


six Democrat VPs for Hillary

More than a speculative guess, I believe Hillary will select a woman as her running mate,  – very probably a Black woman, – and issue a not-so-subtle dare for anybody to comment on either race or gender.

BTW, could any of the above six (6) really be any worse that our National Village IdiotJoe Biden?


Despite her years in the White House, the US Senate, and as Obama’s traveling Pants Suit [SecState] – I believe Hillary will run on entitlement politics and women’s issues – always playing up ‘victimhood‘.

And as Bill’s long-suffering enabler, – she has the perfect ‘victim’ credentials.


She’s already rehearsing her lines to turn the Benghazi Massacre into a Republican plot to ‘victimize’ her reputation and ‘undermine’ her four years of hard work at State.

Hillary the Victim

Yep,  an all-female Democratic Ticket is EXACTLY what a huge section of American women have been waiting for.  Many are already driving around with Ready for Hillary bumper stickers – they are planning to vote for her NO MATTER WHAT!

It is that simple and that mindless. 

So an all-woman ticket will reinforce their commitment and will quadruple their political donations. They’ll be standing 4 deep at the polls on election day.


If you think that the average woman voter is at all concerned with national security,  terrorism,  Putin’s Russia,  China’s military buildup,  or the NorKs,  – just ask any 10 that you know who is the leader of ISIS, – and who is President of China.

ISIS and China

Sadly, most women will vote for whoever promises them free abortions,  free medical care,  free day care,  and free divorce.

Can you see Hillary’s 2016 platform developing?

So Rand Paul can wish that Hillary is ‘yesterday’s news‘ or a ‘Blast from the Past’; – but she ain’t.

And since the Democrats don’t really have a back-up candidate, – they’ll see to it that she’s elected, – even if she drops dead of natural causes months before election day.

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