Ralph Northam: Virginia’s Joseph Mengele

Posted April 11th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Northam is the ‘pediatric neurosurgeon’ who carefully explained that if an unwanted baby was born alive,  – it ‘would be made comfortable’,  – while he and the mother proceeded to ‘have a discussion…’

Northam is quickly becoming one of America’s most despised Democrats.  He hates our 2nd Amendment,  and sees no problem with wide-spread and government-funded abortion. 

Why not, – it’s mostly Black babies being killed…

But in an effort to “SAVE LIVES” – he was quick to shut down his entire state to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Joseph Mengele was the Nazi SS Captain trained as both a physician and an anthropologist.  He had joined the SS voluntarily in 1939 – and served initially on the Russian front.

But soon enough he was assigned to the Auschwitz concentration sub-camp known as Birkenau,  where he eagerly volunteered for the duty of selecting which arrivals would go directly to the gas chambers.

This he did because he was selecting out specimens for his personal experiments,  – he wanted children, twins, and dwarfs.

The medical ‘experiments’ he subjected these unfortunate victims to was unspeakable.

Somehow after the war he escaped Allied and then Israeli justice,  – managed to get to South America,  – and drowned while having a stroke while swimming at age 67.

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