Rally Protester Triggers Frothing Hillary Rant

Posted November 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Temperament – Temperament – Temperament!
Seems with all her troubles,  – it doesn’t take much to set her off these days.  Short clip of her outburst below the fold.

The FIRST PART is her outburst, – the rest is the CNN talking heads trying to smooth it over – talking about ‘how she handled it’ ….

  • and NOT about Bill Clinton’s well-earned reputation for illicit sex and raping unwilling partners.

At my age, – I have to wonder how many more decades will pass…

…before the Left begins to generally acknowledge that Bill Clinton is / was a deeply flawed man,   a serial sexual predator,…and a lousy president…?

Bill Clinton's Lifetime War on Women

3 Responses to “Rally Protester Triggers Frothing Hillary Rant”

  1. Kojack

    “At my age, – I have to wonder how many more decades will pass……before the Left begins to generally acknowledge that Bill Clinton is / was a deeply flawed man, a serial sexual predator,…and a lousy president…?”

    As Michael Savage so aptly said, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Thus the left doesn’t care about truth, patriotism, what works and what doesn’t work or anything but ITS fucked up ideology.

    The left is to be DESPISED, MARGINALIZED and DEFEATED. With force if necessary otherwise their MADNESS will be foisted upon the those of us who are sane. The bathroom bill or gun-free zones for example.

    It can be difficult when you know someone as we all do (i.e. a spouse, co-worker, family member, etc.)who is a lefty and determined to vote for this evil despicable, lying low-life we know as Hillary Rotten Clinton.

  2. Mt Woman

    She sounds like she’s getting unhinged!! She’s ranting vs speaking

  3. bee bee

    It’s amazing both what the talking heads say and her attitude. WHen this happens to a Republican or anyone other than a Democrat, it’s “admirable””, when it’s a Democrat other than Hillary, it’s somewhat “okay” or a “little bad”, when it’s Hillary, then it’s “horrible”. And the Asian talking head disturbs me, he talks like corruption, multiple “suicides” of her close associates, her husband’s behavior and HER response to the victims, her hypocrisy, lying and “pay per play” are “no big deal” and not important to Americans, and worse, he seems to imply that it “shouldn’t” be important to Americans.

    We have as Americans forgotten history, that the more corrupt your top officials and your government, the less you will be able to put decent food on the table, the LESS freedoms you will have, the LESS SAY you will have in even how you can run your PRIVATE life. Corruption IS a big deal, lying IS a big deal, making excuses for a rapist and attacking the victims IS a BIG DEAL.

    Hypocritically attacking your opponent for things you and your husband have done IS reprehensible and a big deal and SHOULD not be PRESENT in a TOP elected official.

    I am convinced that Hillary was the WORST candidate for President and Trump was third worst, we’d even have done better with Biden! Certainly better with Cruz, Rubio, or even Jeb Bush. The fact we picked these two to run against each other shows we have fallen horribly as a nation.