Railroading George Zimmerman

Posted July 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Are Obama and Holder wire-guiding Judge Nelson?
Railroading George
We now know that it was Holder’s Just-US Dept that sent agents to stir up racial tensions and crowds in the weeks following the Trayvon Martin shooting…

Are Obama and Holder reaching into this Florida courtroom?

Justice for Trayvon

In many of America’s Black communities “Justice for Trayvon” means sending George to prison, where gangs of black inmates can brutalize him for weeks before killing him.

Don’t doubt for a moment that both Obama and Holder – and their staffs – aren’t well aware of this eventuality!
Prison Justice
But also understand that Obama has utterly failed in his promises to America’s Black voters.

Unemployment remains sky-high, black teenage girls are still having babies to start their own welfare families. [Where has Michelle Obama been on that cause..?]

Sending an innocent ‘Whitey’ to prison to receive ‘prison justice‘ – is a lot easier to pull off than – say, – fixing the economy, closing our southern border, – or acting as a real role model for Black youth.

This is exactly like the Roman emperors tossing a few Christians to the lions in the arena – to please the crowds.
Christians to the lions
Judge Nelson ruled that Trayvon’s prior drug use and violent anti-social acts could not be mentioned in the courtroom.

When the State’s railroading case began to disintegrate as witness after witness supported George’s story of self-defense, – she allowed a last minute lesser charge of Manslaughter to be added to the docket.

Why?  Because even a manslaughter conviction – even with a minimal 6-month sentence – would have George in the clutches of Black inmates – i.e. prison justice.

Connect the dots Americans,….and it is suddenly crystal clear that your president and your attorney general – are of the same moral fiber and are driven by the same cultural savagery as the black gangs in our prisons.

How else do you explain the actions yesterday of Judge Nelson – who forces George Zimmerman – over the repeated objections of his attorneys – to be sworn in and testify – in utter violation of his 5th Amendment rights?  I say this trial is wire-guided from Holder’s office.

Will the jurors see through all of this; – or are they also being wire-guided?

4 Responses to “Railroading George Zimmerman”

  1. Tom

    Unless the six jurors (1 Black and 5 White Woman) have real strength and are unafraid of the obvious consequences of their actions, they will acquit George Zimmerman, in spite of the judge, Holder and Obama. The race baiting media and the race pimps and even the DOJ will do their best to foment riots in the usual places. Thank God we still have our Second Amendment rights and the necessary ammo.

  2. Prim

    Our entire justice system has become a sham.

  3. Casey Chapman

    I hope he is acquitted, but I am not holding my breath on that point. It IS Florida, after all. Anybody remember Terri Sheivo(pardon spelling). The woman the state forced to be starved to death? Also, it is the land of the hanging chads.

  4. Varvara

    Federal Agents and the Rev Al Sharpton and a judge that wants to be re-elected. Bad combination, very bad. Two prosecutors (the first had to be removed, she withheld evidence) and a judge not allowing evidence of Trayvon’s tweets.

    Then the judge throws manslaughter at the jury who will probably think this will help George. It won’t. The jury doesn’t know that this could mean 25-30 years.