Racist Politics Wins In Georgia

Posted January 6th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It is a very sad and scary day for all Americans,  when the special election in Georgia seats two people with no allegiance to our Constitution.

One thing is for sure,  all the Black Georgians and college kids who Abrams convinced to vote for for these two anti-Americans will come to regret it soon enough,  – both with unemployment and higher taxes.  Ossoff and Warnock will never look back….and the carpetbagging Hollywood crowd will all go back to California – smug in their ‘victory’.

3 Responses to “Racist Politics Wins In Georgia”

  1. Joe

    I read you everyday. You are a patriot. But the election was lost because of RINO snakes. I blame them, not the democrats. They knew that the democrats were going to steal, with the mail in voting lunacy. Yet they put no monitors in any of the polling places. They did nothing to stop the mail in voting in the courts. They could’ve brought declaratory judgment actions in the courts early on, in April, to deem harvesting and mail in voting illegal… They are so quick to email you dozens of times per day for donations, but never once looked into calling those people that donated to them and asked, “Hey, we need your help, can you come to this or that polling place to help monitor….” just the same stupid requests for more money. Too bad for leffler and perdue. But they are just RINO corruptocrats. Other than some senators and congressmen, the RNC and the republican party won’t get one more dollar from me until Trump or someone like him is elected president again

  2. Kojack

    The run-off in GA wasn’t lost, it was STOLEN!!! Nothing was put into place after November so the same thing happened. The SCUM BAGS openly invited LOW-LIFE to come down to GA, vote, and then go back home offering to pay all of their expenses, making it an ELECTION FRAUD VACATION. The only thing left is to invoke the 2ndA and begin the shooting phase of CWII. The objection in Congress to the election fraud in November won’t work because it has no teeth, it’s just a feel good exercise that will be as effective as gun-free zones.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Same vote counting software — same stolen Senate elections.

    Fool me once — shame on you– fool me twice — shame on WHO??-

    Len Mead