Racism? Or Justified Political Mockery?

Posted March 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

How far the mighty have fallen!    Belgium’s 4th largest newspaper De Morgan,  published a photo-shopped De Morgan monkeysimage of the Obamas – just days before they are scheduled to visit.

Tongue-in-cheek they claimed Putin sent it to them, – which makes me think it’s more along the lines of mocking commentary on his handling of foreign affairs.

The point is that Obama’s visit is to commemorate the start of World War One – 100 years ago, – when German troops began their intended encirclement of Paris by invading through the Lowlands. Hitler did the same thing in 1940.   So Belgians have a keen level of understanding and sympathy for what the Ukrainians are facing today.

And maybe very little sympathy for Obama’s feelings or his dignity?

Democrats – who will likely call this ‘racism’ – should pause and consider what the Belgians have endured over the past 30 years with their hordes of Muslim immigrants – and think that ~ just maybe ~ this is the tip of an emerging iceberg

Where has the Obama Love gone

Maybe the man who attracted a million people to hear him in Berlin six summers ago – is now the object of scorn and ridicule around the world

And Obama cannot blame THAT on GW Bush!

Whom the Gods would destroy, – they shall first elevate!

5 Responses to “Racism? Or Justified Political Mockery?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Belgium has always been the doormat on the Western front. They know too well the anxiety of the Ukrainians. In Belgium there is Flander’s Field and the Ardennes famous in WW I, and the Battle of the Bulge, one of the most deadly battles of WW II. The irony of this visit is quite evident to the Belgians, as it is to the people not only in Western Europe, but also to those in the East that abut Russia and were former members of the Eastern Block.
    It will be interesting to see what comes out of the G7 meetings.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I cannot wait for the end of Obama’s presidency to end. God forbid he gets killed. The last thing we need, is Uncle Joe as pResident.

  3. MC

    Iron Mike: I want to Thank You for taking the time not only for posting a current news story but for taking the extra initiative to explicate the history behind it as well and wanted you to know how much it is appreciated.


    We try Ma’am, we try….

  4. Jim

    Forget about Uncle Joe as president. It’d be nothing compared to the canonization of the One. Imagine living the rest of your life hearing how wonderful he was and how he died too young before he could implement all his wonderful policies. Hell, I might take a bullet for him to save my children from that.

  5. Walter Knight

    “We’ll attack at midnight. It’s more evil that way.”