Race-Baters Turning Back Our Clock

Posted December 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

It’s been 46 long years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.Turning our  clock Back 46 years
In October of that troubled year – the symbolic raised fists in Mexico City made sense to many.  But now, – with a Grand Jury having exhaustively examined the evidence, – it seems like flagrant race-baiting to continue the myth of the dead thug Michael Brown.

If you’re too young to remember 1968 – please research a little History before you spout off any more mindless dribble about things you’re clueless about.

4 Responses to “Race-Baters Turning Back Our Clock”

  1. Casey Chapman

    To most of these thugs, history and truth don’t matter a whit. They are all proud products of the public school system, laced with the “teachings” of Al Sharpton.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    If I recall the black Olympic athletes in Mexico City, were giving the Black Panther salute in solidarity with the law breakers raising havoc at universities and urban areas around the nation. It is interesting to note that the Black Panthers continue to raise havoc not only at voting places, with Justice Department acquiescence. They have also been in attendance and coordinated unrest in response to the Ferguson situation. The St Louis Rams showed their ignorance with this demonstration and a symbolic vote of no confidence to the police department. They owe everyone a sincere apology.

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    Actually, it’s pretty cool: let’s us know who the dumb folks are.
    Facts be damned, time to LYNCH A WHITE COP.

    0 – number of buildings burned after an unarmed white man (Dillon Taylor) was killed by a black cop in Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 11, 2014

    25 – number of buildings burned after an unarmed black man (Michael Brown, high on THC according to 3 autopsy reports) was killed by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri….Brown had robbed a store, pushed a clerk, was high on marydumwanna, walking down the center of the street in broad daylight, refused to leave center of street, got shot by cop after punching cop in cop car, twice, his DNA is on the gun, his DNA is in the car, he has power burns on his body from close-proximity shots, and then, when cop gets out and tells the guy who beat on the cop and had robbed a store to stop, the jerk rushes at the cop, who puts three bullets into his head, shoulder and arm, all parallel, all consistent with Brown having his head down, charging the cop (shot in the top of the head). Nice boy Brown.

    2,648 – the number of black murder victims the FBI found in 2012, of which 2,412 were killed by fellow black, only 193 by whites.

  4. Hawk1776

    Both the Rams and the NFL should apologize to the police. The players should be fined. AFAIK the NFL still fines players for uniform violations (e.g., pulling their jersey outside of the pants) or wearing the wrong brand of shoes, yet they do nothing about this. What message does it send? The players actions explain why 78% of NFL players are broke two years after retirement.