“R-A-P-E-!” Trump Actually SAID It!

Posted May 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

All these years, since Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas – he’s been “Teflon Bill” the untouchable serial predator.
Trump says RAPE about Bill Clinton
FINALLY, – it took someone with real guts to tell the truth – to put the actual word out there for the non-thinking public to hear,…and ~ maybe ~ start thinking about… short clip below the fold:

Interviewed on Fox by Sean Hannity about the NY Times hit piece,  Trump finally said RAPE when referring to Bill Clinton’s life as a serial predator….

We can only hope that these next 5 months are very uncomfortable for the Clintons;  – they so richly deserve public humiliation and prison….

Bill and Hillary secrets


Hillary Clinton 1999

WHO wants these lying thieving scumbags back in our White House?

4 Responses to ““R-A-P-E-!” Trump Actually SAID It!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    We’re in store for an exciting summer….

  2. Panther 6

    Let’s hope it is a summer dominated by The Donald. We surely cannot afford another Clinton in the WH.


    few men or women in america have ever been able to get away with all the evil these 2 have. they are the batman /batwoman of crime yet they still are standing,and one is a candidate to become president.WE NEED OUR AMERICA BACK……………….

  4. Walter Knight

    There is no reason to hold back. Every election liberals call Republicans Nazis and racists, so often they’ve lost their credibility. The media so often fails to investigate the left they too have lost credibility. That leaves Trump all alone to say it like it needs to be said.