Quisling Romney Tries To Buy Love

Posted March 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

He begged for Trump’s endorsement in 2018,  – then stabbed him in the back by voting for impeachment in 2020.

Now RiNO Romney is isolated – lonely in DC,  – hated by Republicans and sneered at by Democrats.  To buy love and respect he suggests the US Government pay each person $1,000... “…because of Coronavirus”Imagine – using taxpayer money to buy love!  Just like a DemoCrap!

4 Responses to “Quisling Romney Tries To Buy Love”

  1. Walter Knight


  2. Jim Buba

    Bush tried this with the $600 per person. Boxer did this with $100 for everyone in San Francisco.

    It is money lost with no productivity, but, like the (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus, it is something that stupid people remember or are incessantly reminded of at the ballot box.

    What’s-his-name bailed out the banks and the UAW (via GM and Chrysler) while we suffered. It would have made more, much more sense, to pay off or forgive the Mortgages of Tax-paying Citizens and then restricting their re-finance terms for five or seven years to prevent the obvious. That group would have sufficient equity to sustain any economy and do marvelous things with the money. The banks would have been paid off, eliminating the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy process as well as the enormous Write-off by banks to re-engineer (re-calculate) their never-ending ‘losses’.

    Instead of people going homeless, there would be nothing but the opposite.

    …and the Economy would still be kicking the Bears in the ass today.

  3. Sherox

    I think Mitt has a great idea. Since he is a multi-millionaire, he can pay it out of his own pocket.

  4. panther 6

    Sadly Mitt R has not had a good idea lately. Not sure he isn’t in the same mental predicament as Joe Biden or close to it.