Quisha King: Time For A Mass Exodus

Posted October 9th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Down in Jacksonville, Florida – the local progressives (commies) on the school board are determined to push CRT into every nook and cranny of the curriculum.  They are planting and growing racism in the next generations,  – where none exists.   Mrs. King has already won acclaim for speaking out against this evil,  – but the commies persist.

A vast and growing network of home schooling and private neighborhood co-ops will break the back of the teacher unions – and then the Democrap Party,  AND produce smarter voters!

5 Responses to “Quisha King: Time For A Mass Exodus”

  1. Jim Buba

    How about stripping Public School grads of their rights

    … and lefts

  2. panther6

    Well said….. this lady is right on and I think this whole CRT fiasco is waking folks up to the fact that School Board VOTING is darned important. We need to STOP this crap NOW and folks need to pay attention to those ‘little’ School Board Candidates – they can be very powerful and a disaster for our children and PATRIOTISM!!!

  3. Kojack

    It’s great that parents are waking up to CRT and taking the steps necessary to keep it from infecting their children. Now we have to begin getting rid of the SOURCE of CRT and other COMMUNIST/MARXIST FILTH, lib-TURD teachers and professors like Ward Churchill, Cloward and Piven, Bill Ayers, etc. We must also declare MARXISM, COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM and their advocates are threats to the U.S. Constitution and subject to prosecution.

  4. Kojack

    Add the DEMOCRAT PARTY to my previous comment.

  5. linda wall

    You were great on TV and I did not know crt was in schools in FL keep fighting-I am an x science teacher and none of that crap will help students get to good colleges with real STEM programs-publish what counties are teaching the crap in FL someone else said it is not a swamp but a cesspool–love all of the fight back programs and alternative and religious schools are much better and concentrate on actual material like advanced math and physics and chemistry-the children are now weaponized and being used and abused-welcome to Marxism

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