Questions Surround The Florida Shooting:

Posted March 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The mainstream media is certain that Nikolas Cruz is guilty,  – and he may be.   But they’re really blaming “Assault Rifles”,  the NRA,  and Trump.   Their new young “Hero” is David Hogg,  – but he’s already been caught in multiple lies.

So like Columbine,  Las Vegas,  and even the Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Umpqua College shootings, – it seems the public will never get the FULL truth from either the FBI or the local police.

Think of the botched FBI handling of the Marathon bombers – before and after, (they killed one witness as they interviewed him),  the clouds of doubt about who really bombed the Alfred Murrah building in Oklahoma City,  the failure to connect the dots and stop the 9/11 suicide hijackers, Waco,…and Ruby Ridge,…

…and we must at least ~ consider ~ that somebody with an agenda is committing some pretty evil acts,…and/or covering up the real story.

So here is a 7½ minute video that we offer – to at least make you think.

After all,  the same FBI headed by Robert Mueller,  James Comey,  and Andrew McCabe is still helping Mueller look for “Russian Collusion”,  – while they let Hillary off the hook…..

Something stinks!

6 Responses to “Questions Surround The Florida Shooting:”

  1. Varvara

    Wow, Mike you have done a great job! I have had a number of questions regarding the shooting, police and journalists. As for the students, especially the young man whose father is FBI, you know the one I mean, with the $50 haircut, I believe he has been coached before his performances.

    Then there is the girl with the military jacket and medals and the flag on the shoulder. The Cuban flag!

    There was a young lady who said there were 3 shooters. Perhaps someone in her family is a competitor and she knows the sounds of gunfire.

    I’ll stop here before I get too pissed off.

  2. Sherox

    I think all this is set up by the New World Order going on the basis of what the Nazis did and what Saul Alinsky taught in Rules for Radicals to create the conditions for a crisis to make the government call for martial law to take away our guns. If we don’t actively do something, that is exactly what will happen. We are in a civil war and most don’t know it.

  3. Kojack

    I believe that these situations are being INTENTIONALLY CULTIVATED BY THE DEEP STATE so that these horrific incidents will occur and be used as a pretense to generate the demands/support of the ignorant to repeal the 2nd-A and disarm the public. Too many of these have occurred to be a coincidence.

  4. Kojack

    I totally agree with SHEROX. The 2nd American Civil War has already started but right now it is cultural and the shooting hasn’t started yet. But if the DEMOCRAPS and the RiNOs get their way and take over congress this fall and impeach Trump, that could be the trigger.

    As for the two TURDs, David KNOW-IT-ALL MEDIA Hogg and Emma Gonzalez with her dike haircut, ridiculously ripped jeans, the Cuban Flagg etc. all contributing to a DISGRACEFUL APPEARANCE(would you want THAT representing your movement?!?!?), they represent the majority of their generation and that mob on Saturday perfectly.

  5. Vic

    This is the same Secret Service that is in charge of keeping our President safe and alive. I’d say that’s troubling, too.


    Teaching schools to handle active shooter situations IS NOT part of the Secret Service’s duties….

    They were most likely NOT Secret Service at all,….some sort of a false flag operation….

    THNK: How totally EVIL are the people who want America disarmed? Evil enough to shoot up Sandy Hook and Stoneman Douglas High?

  6. Panther 6

    Great report but sad. This is going to drag on for years as the anti gunners continue to push their agenda and go after the 2nd Amendment. As the speaker said in the film, this is not about a rifle or guns in general it is about a sickness permeating our society. Stand by, this is far from over.