Questions For Obama And Napolitano

Posted April 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Like the Benghazi Massacre and Fast & Furious, these questions aren’t going away!

Now listen to Glenn Beck….very unnerving…


6 Responses to “Questions For Obama And Napolitano”

  1. Jay Dwyer

    The only way we become free of the Saudi influence protecting and promoting Jihad against the West is to be energy independent. So I suggest a two step process:

    1) Drill baby drill !
    2) Bomb baby bomb !

    Saudi, Afghani, Iranian, Yemeni, Chechen……..Same beach….Different sand dune !


  2. Tom

    The Saudis would blow the whistle on Obama, Clinton and Brennan on their Benghazi gun running operation. Cut the Saudi umbilical chord we have already given too much of our treasure and blood for these ungrateful people, and I use that term very lightly.

  3. Casey Chapman

    If we’d just drill our own oil up in Alaska and go with the keystone pipeline, we’d be ABLE to be energy independent. Something the democrats and progressive republicans(read RINO’S) don’t want to happen. Face it folks. Our republic got sold out decades ago by the likes of Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

  4. Walter Knight

    We’re letting so many questionable people into our country that they’re falling over each other. Most likely, this injured Saudi knew nothing of the attack, or he would not have been in harm’s way. However, he also should have not been allowed to be in our country in the first place. Now, his visa is revoked, and we’re not being told why.

    From the website of terrorist Dzhokhar Tsamaev:

    Inside a car is a man from Dagestan, a second man from Chechnya, and a third man from Ingusheta. Who is Driving? The police.

    Also, a liberal on MSNBC commented, “See, the police did a fine job. We don’t need the Patriot Act to spy on Americans recieving foreign phone calls.”

    Yes we do. Reacting after terrorists attack is not good enough. Ordering people to cower in their homes is not leadership. Can you picture Governor Perry ordering Texans to cower in their homes? Texans aren’t disarmed. Liberals are like sheep being led to slaughter. It’s nice having a victory parade, but we are at war. More Terrorism is coming, and we need to fight back with all our resources.

  5. Sam Adams

    Very wealthy and powerful men are running a Monopoly game on the entire world.

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    Michelle Malkin wrote: “As always political correctness and political pandering are the handmaidens of terrorism”. Barack Obama says that there is no threat from Islamic Terrorists, and all we need to do is be nice and pander to them and they will love us.

    Radical Islam has been emboldened by the “leadership” that we have in our White House. Americans are not safe any more.

    The Saudi Nationalist that was a suspect in the Boston bombing, and suddenly, is being deported is a danger to our security. This President is playing a very dangerous game with our country. Pandering to his Muslim friends is not protecting Americans. We need to wake up and take charge of our beloved country before it is too late.