Questions For Jon Golnik

Posted September 9th, 2010 by Iron Mike

With all the controversy surrounding Jon Golnik’s non-voting record, his DUI/drug arrest, his blaming of others, and his lying;  I think it only fair to give Jon a chance to set his own record straight.  The election is just five days away. 

 Jon can you answer these questions? 

We know you went unregistered for 8+ years in Carlisle,  that you never registered in Belmont, and we can find no record of you being registered anywhere in Connecticut – where you were raised.  So exactly when,  where,  and in what party [parties] were you – EVER – registered to vote?

In which presidential and mid-term elections did you vote?  Where?

When you were working in London did you vote by absentee ballot?  From what town?

You lied to me about not having a DUI arrest or drug use.  You’ve told various RTCs that you are “clean”.  So in addition to the May 2001 event,  are there ANY OTHER items which hard-working Tsongas campaign attorneys will “discover” after September 14th

In front of the Stow RTC a gent asked you “…if a bill came before Congress which would dump $3-5 Billion into the 5th District, – but it was unconstitutional – how would you vote?”  You seemed caught off guard, then answered “$3 to 5 Billion?  I guess I’d have to think about that”.   Can you hereby elaborate what conditions would cause you to consider an unconstitutional bill?

At the Chelmsford debate the four candidates were given a closing question to answer: “What do you want to do if elected?”   You had the final turn and answered “I want to take the problems of the 5th District down to Washington and fix them”.  Can you explain what problems we have that need a Washington fix, and what part of Republican philosophy this falls under?

Your campaign volunteer [?] Bryan Dumont of Shirley has spent considerable time and effort attacking me personally.  In years past he has openly bragged that he “knows all the dirty tricks”.  He investigated my voting record, and built a website attacking me [with ludicrous exaggerations], and has posted blog comments under my name besmirching Sam Meas. 

 –  Is he doing this with your support, at your behest, or on his own?  Don’t claim ignorance, – just explain what you’ve done to stop him, to include if you have returned his campaign donations.

When we met on March 2nd we discussed a number of political issues – including the ObamaCare bill that was still in Congress.  We discussed the great advances made in medicine over just my lifetime, and I used as an example my mother’s struggle with and death by breast cancer in the 60s, as compared to the level of cancer survival experienced by women today.  I pointed out that ~ if ~ for instance Congresswoman Tsongas should discover a lump, she would see a doctor that day – get a mammogram that afternoon, be operated on the next day, and be back in her office the following Monday with a life expectancy of another 15 – 20 years. 

 Your supporter Bryan Dumont turned that conversation into a lie – saying that ‘I wished Tsongas would die of breast cancer

Since ONLY you could have told him about our conversation, and ONLY you or he could have given it such disgusting and evil twist, – can you explain which of you thought of it?  What you have done to stop it?

Your campaign staffer Calvin Akers came to videotape me for 25 minutes as I was protesting outside Congressman Tsongas’ Acton office yesterday.  Can you explain how videotaping me fits into your campaign strategy?

In years past Dumont has shown me his hummer full of opposition campaign signs he has pulled up.  Can you explain why hundreds of Sam Meas’ campaign signs have disappeared – along with many Tom Weaver signs? 

Here’s the deal Jon:   You have my e-mail address – you can send me a reply which I’ll post – or you can answer as a comment.  [I will try to delete any phony spam comments by people pretending to be you]. 

Or you can ignore this – and let the voters draw their own conclusions.  The polls open in 116 hours.  As Priscilla Mullins once said, “Why don’t you speak for yourself, Jon?”.  

   Waiting . . .

       Friday morning – still waiting . . . .

          Saturday morning Jon, still waiting . . .

            Now it’s Sunday Jon . . . . .

   Monday now Jon, polls open 7 AM Tuesday . . .

Election Day JonSTILL won’t tell the voters the truth? 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

~~~~UPDATE:  9:45 AM Tuesday Sept 14th ~~~~~~~

TELLING ENCOUNTER:  I just spent  2½ hours holding a Sam Meas sign in front of the Carlisle Town Hall.  Golnik showed up [to vote?] – then spent 30 minutes with his sign holders.

As he was leaving he stopped his SUV and rolled his window down to talk to me.  I asked him “Jon, where were you EVER registered to vote?

He snarled – pointed his finger at me – rolled the window up and drove off angry.  So I guess we have his answer . . .

5 Responses to “Questions For Jon Golnik”

  1. Jim Samuels


    I think you should spend less time trying to tear Jon down and build up Sam. You seem to be obsessed with Jon. I understand why they’re watching you because you seem to want to destroy him either honestly or dishonestly. Let the voters decide. As a republican I can only say that this is starting to reflect badly on our party. Did you say that about Tsongas?
    Maybe it was just one of those those stupid comments which really mean nothing.
    And, if a representative turned down that much money for our district I don’t know how he/she could ever return.


    JIm Samuels
    So Jim, you’d be all FOR $3-5 Billion UNconstitutional tax dollars – from somebody ELSE’s pockets? You’re a DemocRat!

  2. Karen G

    The last time I checked, I was in AMERICA. Here in America, (at least for now) people have a right to voice their opinions, their dislikes, and yes, their support, for anyone or anything.

    Jim, the point is Jon Golnik was dishonest — with his own supporters! This is no time for denial. And not only was he dishonest, the source of his dishonesty, his arrest on drunk driving charges, is a MAJOR black eye on his reputation. Drunk driving is such a hot button issue that it has made Mr. Golnik truly unelectable. He may have a chance to win the primary — he has lots of money — but mark my words, he WILL NOT beat Tsongas. I’m not sure why this is so difficult for people to grasp???

    A true Republican, one who cares about the party, would and should withdraw support for Jon, a flawed candidate, and back one who has a chance to win. To do anything else makes us look bad…

  3. britsarmymom

    Republicans look bad? That train has definitely left the station. Golnik beat Tsongas? She couldn’t wish for an easier “opponent”. With Meas, Weaver and Shapiro out of the way, Tsongas won’t even have any heavy lifting to do.
    Democrat turned Republican turned “Un-enrolled”. (maybe I should just quit voting for a decade)
    What? So you could run for Congress with a Sun endorsement? ;^) Iron Mike

  4. Renee Aste

    Yes, people are willing to vote Tsongas out. When I talk to people and they take a moment to evaluate the situation, it is clear it really should be about who we want to vote in. Consistently over the year Sam Meas has held himself to that the standard of people being motivated to vote him in, with Sam Meas it is no longer ‘I’ll vote anybody in’. The people of the Fifth District along with every other district in the country deserves a SOMEBODY, not just anybody.

    The country is very distressed at the moment, we need someone to handle that stress.

    That’s Sam Meas.

    The best example of Sam Meas ability to deal with the very concerning issues of this country actually comes from his biology teacher in a article back down in Virginia, which did a article on Sam interviewing his adoptive mother and biology teacher.

    “He attended Albert Hill Middle School and Henrico High School, and he ultimately won a scholarship to Trinity Episcopal School, contributing not only his winning personality but a powerful dose of perspective. In Rob Short’s human-biology class one day, a number of students were complaining about the stress of upcoming tests and papers they needed to write.
    “Sam was a quiet kid,” recalled Short, now assistant head of school at Trinity, “but he stood up in the middle of class amid this back-and-forth whining and he said, ‘You don’t know the meaning of stress.’ I didn’t have any trouble with that class the rest of the year.”

    The Eagle Tribune also endorse Sam Meas this morning with clear and definite reason on why he is capable of being the best candidate to win the primary.

  5. Renee Aste

    We shouldn’t say this, but someone from San Fransisco can!

    A blogger on the West Coast weighs in on the comparison of Sam Meas compared to his opponent.

    “Unsurprisingly for a victim of communism, Meas is a big Reagan fan and a near-fanatic libertarian besides. He is also not expected to defeat the (gag) moderate Jon Golnick, who is Meas’ opponent in the primary. Here’s hoping Meas comes out on top. The GOP needs about a million Sam Meas, but keeps ending up with an endless supply of Jon Golicks.”