Questioning Their “Lone Gunman” Story….

Posted November 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

There are cops I’ve known for years,  – and I’d trust them with my life in a heartbeat.   But something really stinks in Vegas,  – and it might be the smell of dead honor.

Too many parts of the story make no sense,  the timeline has changed several times,  – and the usual left-wing media megaphones have gone silent.  WHY?

If you’re old enough you ~ may ~ remember the poisoned Tylenol crisis in Chicago 35 years ago – 28 & 29 September 1982.  

Seven people died from taking tampered Tylenol capsules which had been spiked with potassium cyanide.

That case remains unsolved,  although one asshole from Massachusetts who attempted to extort Johnson & Johnson for $1 Million went to prison.

You have been asked to believe that one lone gunman on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay spent tons of money,  – planned for weeks,  – reconned other targets,  – then all by himself sent hundreds,  – maybe thousands of rounds into a packed country music concert crowd,  – then shot himself as the SWAT team was nearing his door…?

And a full month later we have almost no knowledge of his life,  his income,  his former friends and love interests,….just that one of his brothers was arrested for kiddie porn?

Does this sound a LOT like Lee Harvey Oswald all over again?  

Oswald used an unlikely weapon – a WWII Italian carbine….

Stephen Paddock’s tool of choice seems to have been ARs equipped with ‘Bump Stocks’….to make them fire at near-automatic rate.


The Kennedy Assassination:   We STILL – 54 years later – don’t know if Oswald acted alone, – and if so,  – WHY he acted.

We DO know that a lot of people connected to the case began dying mysteriously soon after.   We also know that our presidents no longer ride in open vehicles….

The Tylenol Case:  Remains unsolved.  The entire food and drug industry quickly adopted tamper-proof packaging.  Today you buy nearly nothing that isn’t sold in tamper-proof containers. 

Think somebody made a fortune on selling tamper-proof packaging and the machines used to do it…?


The Vegas Massacre:   Was this a lone mad gunman?  Or was Paddock told he was on a different mission…?

NOTE:   of the 9/11 hijackers,  – it’s likely only those 8 trained as pilots knew it was a suicide mission.  The 11 other thugs who provided the muscle and guarded the cockpits likely thought they were on a hijacking mission to secure the release of prisoners held by Israel…


Was the Massacre staged by anti-gun activists who were “…willing to sacrifice a few for the greater good…”…?

Was the Massacre an act of ISIS Terrorism…?  Paddock had taken a cruise and visited Middle Eastern ports…  It that fact REAL,  relevant,  – or a false flag…?

REMEMBER that Lee Harvey Oswald had visited Moscow and had a Russian wife…

Was the Massacre staged to cover a massive casino robbery elsewhere?  If a casino was robbed,  – it’s very likely the owners would not report the loss.

Was the Massacre staged as a shakedown demonstration,…i.e. “look what we can do to your town – if you casino owners don’t pay us a tribute…”  The Mexican drug cartels do business this way all the time south of the Border.

By now, – a full month later – it would be wonderful if the Vegas Police and the FBI could come forward with some solid answers.   The longer they don’t – the more people will believe that they are either incredibly incompetent,  – or that they’re part of the cover-up….

3 Responses to “Questioning Their “Lone Gunman” Story….”

  1. Varvara

    My questions:

    1. Two people came out of the hospital and claimed there was more than one shooter. One gentleman owned a gun shop and knew guns and ammo. He was shot three times. One woman served in the Army and also claimed that there was more than one shooter.

    2. After everything calmed down and there were no people in the area why wasn’t the area swept for casings? Both these wounded people claimed there was/were a shooter/shooters in the crowd.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    Mike, what about the “security guard” who took a powder and
    later turned up on a daytime talk show before he had spoken with
    the cops? We still don’t know a thing about him, either! It stinks
    out loud! Look at the space between the broken windows and ask how the hell could one guy jump back and forth between them. Why the
    two windows for one shooter? All we have for sure are a lot of dead
    and wounded people and no hard answers. The whole thing stinks.

  3. Walter Knight

    There is lots of casino video showing Paddock renting his hotel room for the weekend and his coming and going. It’s not that complicated.