Question for Party Chair Barbie

Posted April 8th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Dear Madame Chairwoman,

Excuse me Ma’am, but would you please – – tell us what you were thinking!

Do you have some secret plan that will win back Beacon Hill and Congress in 2010 by alienating 92% of your party base? Would you please let us in on it, – so we can all stop puking on our computer keyboards?

It’s one thing not to be confrontational with the radical gay agenda; – it’s quite another to march into their camp and surrender. For what possible gain??? Balanced again the alienation of the battered remnants of our party?

Was this the only way you could get any ink?

This is almost like Obama telling Europe and the Muslims what they want to hear. Gee, what a week, – and it’s only Wednesday.


  /s/ Iron Mike

3 Responses to “Question for Party Chair Barbie”

  1. jim

    Mike, this is exactly what’s wrong with Republicans, locally, statewide, and nationally. They’ve lost touch with their own. They’d rather suck up to some special interest groups who will never vote our way… than stick by their guns (assuming they haven’t been outlawed) and principles. How pathetic, that this person takes over as the leader of our party in Massachusetts and almost immediately sends us down the river for her own special interests. I can only presume that this was her agenda all along but she couldn’t reveal it before she was elected knowing that she’d have been sent away, instead of put in charge.


  2. Rabid Republican

    So, any answer from our illustrious MassGOP leader?

  3. Arlene DiRocco

    How will we ever change the state of Massachusetts from the liberal left with a party chair Barbie. She is a gift to the Democrats. Please tell me how these people get into these positions and how we can get them out.