Putin To Obama: “Go Home Wimp!”

Posted September 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

We are now OFFICIALLY a Second-Rate Nation;  – no longer the leading force for Freedom in the world.
Putin to Obama  Go HOME
Putin just told Obama to clear out of Syrian airspace, – he’s taking over.  If you’re a left-wing DemoCrap – you’re cheering this development, – the fulfillment of your Obama orgasm…  If you understand History, – you are frightened and angry.

Evelyn FarkasObama’s foreign policy is in such meltdown that the senior pentagon expert on Russia and the Ukraine – Dr. Evelyn Farkas – just resigned in disgust.

DemoCraps will be cheering the fact that American pilots will no longer be risking their lives fighting Obama’s phony pin-prick fake war against ISIS.

They don’t see the bigger picture – Putin’s game plan…

Putin has four (4) objectives:

1.  Keep the Assad regime in power so he can build up his naval base at Tartus, then expand the port of Latakia into a major Russian naval and air force complex.

He cares nothing for Assad, – just wants the ‘legitimacy’ of ‘protecting a sovereign government from Muslim terrorists’.   If the ISIS threat is eliminated – and the land approaches to his bases can be secured,  Assad will simply become the local police force.

Putin intends to dominate the Mediterranean for the next century in the manner that we have since 1944.   Turkey beware!

2.  Give his Air Force pilots, air crews and Army leaders some genuine combat experience prior to his expansion into Central and Western Europe. This is the Spanish Civil War all over again.

WHAT?   You don’t remember that BOTH Hitler and Stalin sent troops and air force units to fight as proxies in the Spanish Civil War?  Both knew a bigger war was coming – was inevitable, – and they wanted to test new aircraft and new leaders.

Russian T 26 tanks

If you are young – and never knew this – your high school and college teachers cheated you out of a decent education.   Ask yourself: “Why did they do that?”

3.  Control the pipeline terminals from the Middle East oil and gas fields, – giving him control of all energy flowing into Europe. He doesn’t need to occupy Europe militarily if he can shut off the valves and freeze them any winter he wants to.

4.  Any time Putin can publicly denigrate and humiliate the strutting narcissist peacock Obama, – and make us look weak,  ineffective,  and unreliable – it makes his job of subverting friendly nations that much easier.

Putin understands that Obama doesn’t ‘get it’, – and frankly doesn’t even care, – so he will take full advantage of these next 16 months…. American interests, embassies, and even tourists are now at much greater risk.

And,…God Forbid…should any of the Democrats follow Obama into the White House,  the Free World will descend into utter chaos…  None of them have a clue.

There will be voices saying “Leave Putin alone to sink into the Syrian quicksand; – it will end for the Russians like Afghanistan did, – with a humiliating retreat and an overthrow of Putin”.

On one level there ~ might ~ be some truth to that…. EXCEPT:

.the size, terrain, and military technology are vastly different!

Afghanistan is landlocked and heavily, – steeply mountainous,  with 30 million people who can scurry into caves and across borders…

Syria is largely low rolling or flat desert with a long ocean front.  Far tougher for ISIS fighters to hide – from a ruthless Russian pursuit.

If Russian troops don’t have to worry about American rules-of-engagement, – and are allowed to attack and kill indiscriminately; – they will very likely wipe ISIS off the map in a matter of months.   With no reporters embedded with Russian units – who will tell if atrocities occur?

If Putin can clean ISIS out of Syria – inside a year – nobody is going to be counting unmarked burial sites or publishing estimates of ‘missing civilian populations’.Weak Obama

Putin will simply look like the dude who tackled the dirty job Obama was scared to attempt.

And by next August he’ll be in position to tell Obama to pull the Sixth Fleet out of the Mediterranean – back to Norfolk, – and keep it there!

Then he goes after Egypt to secure the Suez…

Suez Next


5 Responses to “Putin To Obama: “Go Home Wimp!””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This is the result of sending a boy to do a man’s job. Obama has no sense of history, the Spanish Civil War analogy means nothing to him. General Francisco Franko, who’s he? Russia has launched airstrikes on Syria, yesterday missiles fell on three locations in Israel, coming from the direction of Syria. Things are really heating up and we have no military strategy. The targets were close to the naval base at Tartus, just as was noted above.

  2. panther6

    This could lead to a major incident and confrontation. We should have been working with the Russians against the islamic jihdists years ago, even before BO.

  3. Vlad

    I wonder if obama is enjoying Putin’s boot on his throat?

  4. kojack

    Two key points:

    1.) This IS NOT A MISTAKE. Obysmal WANTS American decline.

    2.) Putin’s military is not as good as ours but Russian troops are there to WIN and don’t give a rat’s ass about the ROEs. That alone ensures their victory.

    Unless things change very quickly the Russia and China will be the new super powers – both largely enabled by US democraps and crony-capitalist RiNOs.

  5. Walter Knight

    Russia can never project power with aircraft carriers, so they will obtain bases instead. Syria is first on a long list.