Putin To Erdo?an: Payback’s A Bitch!

Posted November 30th, 2015 by Iron Mike

If you ~ thought ~ you understood the ongoing war in Syria, – you probably didn’t.   Almost every day now a new wrinkle is revealed, – and there ain’t none of them pretty.
Turkish convoy bombed
Within days of Turkey downing a Russian Su-24,  – and ‘rebels’ on the ground killing the Russian pilot,….’somebody’ [Russian jets?] bombed a Turkish arms convoy in northern Syria…
Wait a minute….Turkish ARMS CONVOY?!?

What is a Turkish arms convoy doing inside northern Syria?   Aren’t the Turks neutral in all this – just trying to protect their borders and airspace?

Turkish trucks bombed

Hardly!  Remember grudges in the Middle East last thousands of years….

And Syria was once in the heart of the Ottoman Empire….

Ottoman Empire 1900

So Turkey wants Syria’s Assad gone,  as do we and the Kurds….

BUT,  Turkey also wants the Kurds vanquished, – wiped off the earth if possible….

So they’ve been buying ISIS oil on the QT,…and sending arms into Syria – to ISIS and other groups, – – with the understanding that they’ll be used against BOTH Assad and the Kurds….

But weapons have no brains, – no hearts, – and no political ideals.  They respond only to the human holding them….

So if somebody shoots at a Syrian warplane – or a Russian warplane,….somebody is likely to respond.  And the Russians have the advantage of lots more intelligence info than either the Turks or the Americans….

So they clearly new about the arms convoy – before it crossed the border…. It was a sitting duck!

In all of this remember that one of the definitions of the word “Byzantine”:

(of a system or situation) excessively complicated, typically involving a great deal of administrative detail.

“Byzantine insurance regulations”

characterized by deviousness or underhanded procedure.

“Byzantine intrigues”

And just to complicate things further, it seems that the US is avoiding northern Syria since Putin flew in a couple of batteries of his advanced S-400 long-range anti-aircraft missiles…..

Sooner or later somebody there is going to have an itchy trigger finger.

Russian S-400 battery

Just keep all this in mind as Obama pontificates about Climate Change being the greatest threat to mankind….

Obama Kerry Climate Change paris

Climate Change in Denver

2 Responses to “Putin To Erdo?an: Payback’s A Bitch!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Turkey has long been the conduit for arms shipments to the Syrian Rebels, aka, ISIS/ISIL/DAESH. This began with the arms running from Libya to Turkey to Syria and the US was controlling that gun running activity from Benghazi. Who was visiting Benghazi the night before the terrorist attack on the diplomatic residence and the CIA? The Turkish representative were there among others.
    Why has the US not armed the Kurds, who are fighting ISIS? Why has the US continued to arm the rebels, ISIS? The clandestine relationship between the US and Turkey bears serious investigation. Why are we arming those who have declared war on the United States?
    Waiting for the Strong Rebuke from Paris, Isis is quaking in their sandals.

  2. Jim Gettens

    An ‘Epic Struggle’ shaping up between Erdogan the Muslim Brotherhood Totalitarian Thug and Putin the Russian Mafia Totalitarian Thug???
    Stay tuned…

    Meanwhile, Shit-for-Brains Barack Hussein Obama characterizes the Paris Climate Talks as an ‘Act of Defiance’ against ISIS, as though ISIS gives a flying f#ck about ‘carbon footprints…’ Thank you, Dem morons, for giving us the Supreme Dipshit-in-the-White House.