Putin Replays Khrushchev’s End Game

Posted December 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Putin sends two Tu-160M2 Blackjack bombers to lurk in Venezuela, – much like Nikita did with his missiles in Cuba in October 1962.

Has Putin miscalculated Trump’s resolve the same way Khrushchev misjudged Jack Kennedy? 

I’d been in the Army over a year – a Paratrooper in the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell,  when the word came to load out.

“This is NO DRILL – we’re going to jump into Cuba!”

Tiny Campbell Army Airfield was suddenly VERY crowded!

The Russians have been rebuilding their aging fleet of Tu-160s “their White Swans”,  – and testing them on long range endurance flights – and occasionally seeing how close they can get to England, Japan, and the USA before being greeted by defending jet fighters.

With no enemy actually threatening them, this is a very expensive investment in Russian national pride and saber-rattling. 

Does Putin really fear the USA,  – or maybe Red China?

Historically,  when nations make reckless and unnecessary aggressive moves out of their obvious areas of interest,  – it is to cover up or distract from some internal problems.


I suspect Putin has very little interest in keeping his White Swans in Venezuela long term,  – where they are vulnerable to damage from hungry and rampaging Venezuelans,…

.he would be far more interested in submarine bases,  – just as Hitler was during WWII.

And he wants a presence there to counter the Chinese,  – who are bailing out Maduro (temporarily) in exchange for bases of their own.

Chinese President Xi has been using our own money (trade surplus) to slowly encircle the USA, and one of his first targets is the Panama Canal – so that HE can control who goes through (not the US Navy) and HE gets PAID.

Just imagine Putin’s frustration at watching the Chinese use OUR MONEY to flex their muscles and growing naval strength around the globe,….

…while the once-feared Soviet Navy rusts on the beaches of the Barents Sea.

Don’t take the BAIT Mister President;….

– just let Putin spend Russia into bankruptcy again….while the tropical mold attacks those two bombers,  – and desperately hungry Venezuelan women give the crews syphilis. 


UPDATE:  Wed 19 Dec 2018  Russia and Venezuela announce a deal to lease the Isla La Orchila (less than 6 miles wide) as a Russian airbase.

There is a tiny airstrip there – unsuitable now for their White Swans, and not much else.

I think this is a cover story, – maybe for an advanced radar base.

Russian air crews would feel marooned here!

3 Responses to “Putin Replays Khrushchev’s End Game”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    “With no enemy actually threatening them, “
    Is this a joke?


    Aw, now Joe,…have you and Angela Merkel been threatening Vladimir again…?

    Really Joe, WHO is threatening Russia – other than those pesky Muslims across her Southern expanse…?

  2. Panther 6

    Putin can easily flex his military muscle around the Black Sea/Crimea and Syria,,,,,but even he realizes Venezuela is a long way off and in our backyard. He is getting stretched mighty thin.

  3. Walter Knight

    Whenever Russia tries to project power, maintenance issues arise. Their ‘White Swan’ will be grounded, or crash.


    You mean like when Putin’s Belching Pig of an aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov was enroute to bomb rebels in Syria – but broke down at sea on Nov 3rd 2016, – and had to be towed into port at Latakia, Syria for repairs….