Putin Cements A New Axis Of Evil

Posted April 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

He is a clever bastard – and he will not live in peace with the rest of civilized mankind.   His meeting in Ankara to “create a peaceful solution to Syria” is a sick joke.

He is carving out Russian interests, – and arming the enemies of Western Civilization.  There will be much more bloodshed!

What Putin wants from Turkey is unfettered passage through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles to the Mediterranean sea,  – where he will then have achieved the Czar’s ancient dream of a warm-water port.

So he’ll overlook that ugly incident back in November 2015,  – when on Erdo?an’s order a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24,  – resulting in the deaths of two Russians…..

Erdo?an and Putin have bigger fish to fry!

There are between 30 and 45 million Kurds spread across the Middle East – and into Europe and Asia. They’ve been a punching bag for Arabs,  Turks,  and Persians for hundreds of years,…but no more

During the ISIS war – they’ve managed to arm themselves.

Now they could split off up to 20% of Turkey,  and Erdo?an will eagerly kill every last one of them to stop it.  He is the Turkish Hitler – just as Bashar al-Assad is the Syrian Hitler.

The Persian Twelvers – under Rouhani,  are looking for Russian help with long-range missiles,  – accurate ones,  – so they can target Israel with pin-point accuracy.

Flush with cash from Obama and Kerry,  – they’d like to buy some upgraded tanks,  artillery,  fighter jets,  helicopters,  and submarines.  They intend to make major mischief.

AND,  they want nuclear reactors…..

Putin’s only interest in Syria is to have a stable and reliable place for his airbases and naval facilities.  He plans to dominate the Mediterranean,  driving the US Navy away,  – and Syria is a very good place from which to base a fleet.

Between these three evil men,  many innocents will die.

Putin would be wise to read a little Russian History and remember what happened to his country the last time a Russian signed a deal with a devil…

One Response to “Putin Cements A New Axis Of Evil”

  1. Panther 6

    Where is Assad? Good question Mike…I think he is about to be history as Putin and Erdogan along with the mullahs carve up parts of Iraq, Syria and maybe even Jordan. Your analysis about warm water ports and access to the MED are right on. This area may well be the starting point of Armageddon. The Kurds are true friends of America and I only hope we don’t abandon them,,,they need their own country.