Pukeworthy Broward Lesbian Sheriff Captain

Posted March 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Between Scott Israel’s Muslim Deputy and his Lesbian Watch Commander,  the Broward County Sheriff’s office needs an enema!

There are people in many military and LEO units who should have NEVER been hired,  – because they are both UNFIT to deal with life-and-death situations,  and unworthy of the uniform.  They’re in it to make a political statement,  for access to easy sex,  – and for the retirement benefits.  Now it’s taken 17 dead bodies to prove that lesbian Jan Jordan is unfit and unworthy to be in law enforcement.   I hope 17 families sue her ass off!
This LESBIAN was in law enforcement for the power trip,  – to PROVE a lesbian could visible and order people around.
17 people DIED because she FAILED at the moment of CRISIS!

UPDATE:  Friday, 11 Jan 2019   There’s a NEW Governor in office, – and he’s starting to KICK ASS!


3 Responses to “Pukeworthy Broward Lesbian Sheriff Captain”

  1. Mt Woman

    I don’t so much have a problem with her as a lesbian being in this position of command and authority if I knew she was hired on her merit vs filling some unwritten quota for the sake of diversity. I don’t care about who is what you are if you are THE BEST candidate for the job.


    That works well in THEORY, – but in America today MOST Sheriff’s Offices are staffed by Political Appointees.

    They move prisoners, maintain the county jail, do ceremonial tasks, hold re-election signs for Democrats, – and contribute to political campaigns. Hand washes hand.

    This time an AA/EEO hire (and promotion) FAILED – and 17 people DIED.

    Do you remember a year ago when a Middlesex Deputy taking a prisoner to Mass General got overpowered and shot with his own gun? It’s not just Broward.

  2. MC

    This has been the trend for a number of years now, law enforcement agencies hiring and promoting to the top ranks, full fledged Janet Reno – Billy Jean King – man hating lesbians who don’t have a fucking clue about how to do the job, that don’t have the sheep dog mind set to go into a situation like this ready to kick ass and kill the bastard. Also, domestic violence units have a majority of lesbians in them, and their man-hating proclivities come out in DV cases where they fully go after men even in mutual abuse or female initiated DV cases. It also seems as though the number one priority for qualification for police chief positions is “Lesbian.”

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    The scandal that the media continues to ignore is a very important part of the Parkland High School mass shooting. It began about six years ago. The school administrators saw that a large number of their students were being arrested; if they could cut down on the criminal activity, they could elevate their performance data, and thereby gain state and federal grant money. The Broward County School Board entered into a political agreement with Broward law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes. The police were excusing the crimes of the students.

    They called this the Promise Program. This is how the Parkland shooter got away with so many crimes. The schools and local police agencies colluded to lay the foundation for the tragedy.

    This case is not about guns, the answer is not more gun control. Why is everyone ignoring the criminal activities of Sheriff Israel, Captain Jan Jordan, the people in law enforcement and the Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie. This is where we should be focusing our attention.

    We cannot ignore this!