Pucker Factor Tightens In New York

Posted June 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The ‘So-Much-Smarter-Than-You’ lib-turds in Albany might be second-guessing their decision to end the Death Penalty for murderers right about now.  DEAD MEN don’t escape from prison!!NY Killers Richard Matt and David Sweat
But killers who get that fake “Life Without Parole” live on to kill other inmates,  – to kill and maim prison guards,  – to riot,  – and even to escape.

Richard Matt:  Serving a mere “25-to-Life” for the kidnap, torture, and murder of his 76 year old boss – William Rickerson – in 1997.  Matt thought the old man had a stash of cash hidden somewhere. 

Matt then fled to Mexico – and killed a man outside a bar in Matamoros. The Mexicans convicted him and he did 9 years in prison there before being extradited back to the US for Rickerson’s murder.

Matt is a career criminal who has escaped from prison before….

David Sweat:  Deputy Tarsia Killed a Broome County Deputy Sheriff – Kevin Tarsia – with two shots point blank to his face in 2002.  Sweat was involved in gun trafficking with his cousin. He too is a career criminal with previous prison time. 

He was serving ‘life without parole’.

Sweat and Matt are in the wind,….escaped,…gone without a trace,….and both are proven merciless killers. Any innocent civilian – or any unwary lawman – who gets in their way will likely die.

And if they kill in New York or any of the other 18 non-death-penalty states, the very worst that can happen to them is to end up in a super-max.

Electric Chair solves problems

Think about this:   ANY innocent law-abiding person who pulls up to a stop sign or red light could be jumped, car-jacked, and murdered by these two goons – who should have been executed long ago!

EVAN AS YOU READ THIS – KNOW – – that in Hollywood they’re already planning the movie – which will glamorize these monsters, – and the female prison employee who helped them escape.

Liberals wallow in sickness!

UPDATE: Friday, 26 June 2015    Escapee Richard Matt was spotted by Border Patrol officers carrying a 20-gauge shotgun.   He refused to drop it, and was shot and killed.

Richard Matt - DEAD

UPDATE: Sunday, 28 June 2015   Escapee David Sweat [the cop-killer] was spotted by a NY State Trooper and shot – wounded, and taken alive. Too bad!

David Sweat Caught

Will the husband she was planning to have them KILL, come visit her in prison?

Joyce Mitchell pleads GUILTY

One Response to “Pucker Factor Tightens In New York”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Clinton Correctional Facility, not used very often by the liberal media, is not escape proof, there have been escapes before. At least these criminals are not black so the law enforcement officers will not be concerned about loosing their jobs should they shoot to kill, which they should. It will save the state lots of money. My guess is they have escaped to Canada where there is plenty of open space.