Pucker Factor Tightens Across The Cartel

Posted May 14th, 2019 by Iron Mike

In Chappaqua New York and down at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue (the Hoover Building) there are a lot of sweaty armpits and puckering assholes this morning.

Christopher “Wimpy” Wray better step aside, or man up and help,  – because there’s a guy coming to town who knows how to put dirty FBI agents in numbered orange jumpsuits.

For those of you unfamiliar with “John Connollito”, – he’s the dirty FBI agent in the Boston office who passed informant’s information to Whitey Bulger, – who then had those informants killed.

We all need to pray that this investigation goes smoothly and quickly, – and that a couple of these Hillary Cartel stooges start singing to stay out of prison.

If Durham can clean the swamp rats out of the FBI,  maybe the Dems in Congress will rethink their 2020 election strategy,  – and start thinking about our country…(maybe)…?

3 Responses to “Pucker Factor Tightens Across The Cartel”

  1. integrity 1st

    I feel like we have been waiting for this swamp draining forever, and sure hope it won’t disappoint. It is critically needed, or all bets are off that there is any accountability or consequences for corrupt public officials. This is the true test, but to think Wray will come around when he has already shown complete uselessness, if not being part of the problem is a pipe dream. Take him out with the rest of the SWAMP.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    I truly hope that this will be the “cleansing” of all of the garbage that we have been witnessing for so many years.

    If there’s anything that the release of the Mueller report has exposed it is the hypocrisy of Democrats who are willing to call anything an impeachable offense with President Trump, but pretended the corruption that occurred under Barack Obama was all above board. They see two standards of justice: one for Dems and one for the Republicans. I truly hope that this U.S. Attorney John Durham will persist and take these criminals out and put them where they belong.

  3. panther 6

    Perhaps Mr. Durham will bring the swamp draining to a higher and meaningful level. The nation sure needs it.