PTR Departs MoonBat Country

Posted June 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Shooting the MessageDid Governor Dan Malloy
and the Legislature foresee this?

140 PTR jobs are going South.
Will Colt’s 700 follow soon?

Recent anti-gun laws passed in the emotional wake of Sandy Hook drive 140 high skilled jobs from Bristol, CT…

It is worth remembering that 150 years ago we were embroiled in a terribly bloody Civil War.  We won for many reasons, – chief among them was that all the gun and cannon manufacturers were located in the NORTH.
Moving South

Now it seems, gun manufactures are looking for gun-sane states for new homes.  Taxes and right-to-work laws may also play a part…

5 Responses to “PTR Departs MoonBat Country”

  1. Casey Chapman

    State legislature cannot see past their damn noses. Period.

  2. Tom

    Will Obama blame the job loss on the NRA, the Right to Work state of South Carolina or the “bitter clingers”? After his fiasco at the Brandenberg Gate and his dangerous dance with Syria, Iran and Russia he is gripping for a diversion.

  3. Michael W Dane

    This will have a large impact on both communities. More companies are sure to follow.
    Good point Mike, – and those 1,500 Smith & Wesson jobs [$80 Million payroll] could also be enticed out of MoonBat Mass…

  4. craig

    PTR makes quality firearms !! Hope Colt follows them…

  5. Kojack

    Magpull is leaving CO for the same reason and Barret Firearms will no longer sell to or service its rifles owned by CA law enforcement due to CA’s .50 cal ban. It’s about time gun and accessory manufacturers started retaliating.