Proud Young Mexican-Americans…?

Posted May 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Or,…rude, obnoxious, racist illegal immigrant children?
These folks were greeting Trump supporters in California.
Immigrant kids
FYI: “Puto” means ‘male whore’ in Mexican Spanish…   Short clip below the fold.


Brace yourselves Folks,  the rest of the campaign will be violent and ugly.  – because the Dems think that’s the only way Hillary can win.

6 Responses to “Proud Young Mexican-Americans…?”

  1. Leonard

    Naaaa — Mike, for once you’re missing what even the Wall Street Journal pointed out in today’s editorial.

    Every Mexican Flag at a rude, disruptive, illegal demonstration by the paid mobs SUPPORTS TRUMP’S POSITION OF BUILDING A WALL, securing the border AND FINALLY HAVING LEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    He is playing the media beautifully — the more illegals demonstrating — THE BETTER. Lame street media — KEEP THIS ON THE FRONT PAGES!

    Len Mead, Legal, Unwashed Florida Conservative

  2. Iron Mike


    As they used to say on Saturday Nite Live – you’ve mis-underestimated me.

    I was merely pointing out what polite, model citizens these ‘DREAMERS’ will grow up to become…..

  3. Mary Lotze (Mt Woman)

    Mike, I met you on Saturday and introduced myself to you. You encouraged me to jump in and also share what is one of my favorite blogs, “The Rabid Republican”.

    I hope all who watch this clip come away with the reasoned attitude that “the Donald” is on to something. This gang of ungrateful little punks and their extended families have quickly earned their deportation ticket–PRONTO!!! Good riddance and don’t come back!

    Mt Woman

  4. Iron Mike

    We’ll either control our borders, – or be overrun!

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Had Lincoln lived and done what he wanted to do, we’d have the precedent for doing what I’d like to do…..

  6. Jason Torres

    You people are nauseatingly naïve.