Prosecutor Kim Gardner’s Secret Travels

Posted August 2nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

She found time to falsely charge the McCloskeys;  – but she never reported her 8+ trips around the country and overseas…?

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is the darling queen of the gun-grabbing left wing after the July 10th incident when a terrified white couple were seen defending their lives and home from a racially-charged marauding BLM mob.

SILLY ANNOYING LITTLE LAW:   Missouri Law requires public officials (all of them) to report their travels and disclose who sponsored them.  Gardner didn’t.

It would appear that the Soros-funded far-left public policy and lobbying group Fair and Just Prosecutions both paid for much of Gardner’s election campaign,  – they also paid for her travels around the country to meet with other “Justice Reform” prosecutors (the Soros Club) – like Chicago’s Kim Foxx – who let race-baiting liar Jussie Smollett totally off the hook after he claimed that two white guys in MAGA hats had tried to lynch him…


Of course Gardner was “just following Soros orders” when she had the McCloskey’s weapons seized, – and then had them arrested “for menacing the Peaceful Protesters”…

We can imagine that living in St Louis, (194 murders in 2019) just 6 years after the Michael Brown riots (2 weeks of burning) in the suburb of Ferguson,  – that the sight of an angry mostly-Black mob tearing down their gate might have terrified the McCloskeys…

If they’ll tear down you gate and enter your property,  – what else will they do?

It’s the DETAILS Folks, – always the details!

Gardner’s high-profile actions against the McCloskeys (white couple) – might have been to curry favor with Black voters.  She has a primary challenger in the Democrat City Primary Tuesday….

If this year’s murder rate continues,  – 2020 will see 262 murders by Dec 31st

Is Kim Gardner serving the Black Community?

Folks, – pay attention:  While you many not live in a giant stone mansion in a gated enclave,  you MUST be prepared for the day you are faced with either garden-variety home invaders,  – burglars,  – or worst case – an angry race-charged mob coming down your street.

If you’ve always believed you can just dial 9-1-1 and the police will come, – remember that they NEVER came to help the McCloskeys.

JUST THE OPPOSITE – they came two days later to illegally seize their only means of self-defense.

Hat Tip: Unwashed Conservative


UPDATE:   Wed AM 5 August 2020   Soros’ gal wins her re-election primary over Challenger Mary pat Carl by a whopping 61:39 margin.  Charging the McCloskeys paid off!

3 Responses to “Prosecutor Kim Gardner’s Secret Travels”

  1. W Larry

    Another Trustee on the democrat welfare plantation bought and paid for by globalists to subvert our Constitution.
    These puppets will be among the first to suffer if civil war breaks out. They think their globalist handlers will protect them but will realize at that time just how useful of idiots they truly were.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Just one more example why the assassination of Abraham Lincoln had such tragic consequences for the United States of America….

  3. Kojack

    Gardner is one of the radical DA’s around the country as is Rachael Rollins in Suffolk County here in MASSHOLE, whose campaign was funded largely by George Soros in an effort to destabilize the U.S.