Property Tax Bump Roadkill

Posted October 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Oops, another Democrat official / political candidate with a tax problem?  How does this keep happening?  This one wants to be State Auditor?  I don’t think so.  

Suzanne M. Bump and her husband Paul F. McDevitt own a home in Great Barrington.  And a condo in Boston.  Seems reasonable since she works in Boston and he has a business [with their son Neil – an attorney] in Quincy.

Great Barrington is a LONG commute away.  Thus two addresses:  609 E 6th Street South Boston and 409 N Plain Road Great Barrington.  But two property tax deductions?  

Suzanne is an attorney and has a 25 year history with Massachusetts government – first as a practicing attorney in Braintree for 22 years, and the State Rep from Braintree, then lately as Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development under Duh-val Patrick.  Paul’s business services troubled employees [often mandated by union contracts, duh!].  

The couple donates big $$ to Democrat politicians, seemingly with a preference for über-liberal ones.   

Want to listen to some real political double-talk?  Try this story with video from the Quincy Patriot-Ledger.  Remember when she says “I haven’t consulted an attorney” – she IS an attorney!


You know who else lives in Great Barrington?  Yep, Duh-val Patrick!

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Enough bull shit!!  

If you want a stand-up straight-shooter for your next Auditor – vote Mary Z!  Mary is a real auditor, and honest as the day is long!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


Statement from Suzanne Bump

Oct 7, 2010 | Suzanne Bump for State Auditor

I have received verbal confirmation from the Assessors of both the City of Boston and the Town of Great Barrington that my property tax status is appropriate.

However, in an abundance of caution, I have decided to submit to the city of Boston a payment of $5875.05, which is the difference between the property taxes that my husband and I have paid since we were approved for the residential tax exemption in 2007, and the amount we would have owed were we not entitled to that exemption.

5 Responses to “Property Tax Bump Roadkill”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    As a voter, with an abundance of caution, I do not want a lawyer as a State Auditor, I want a CPA who will straighten out the this office that has been run, not by a CPA, not by a lawyer, but by a washed up boxer for too many years. We don’t need another Democrat tax cheat holding public office. Mary Z Connaughton has the tools and the experience to perform the function of the State Auditor and clean house where it is necessary.

  2. Jeffrey Wallens

    As a voter, and as someone conversant in English, I know that you can have only one ‘primary’ of anything. That is what the word means. I’d certainly like a CPA for Auditor, but I insist on someone that is familar with the English language.

  3. B Howell

    Mary Z is a CPA.

  4. deepthroat

    Speaking of tax problems: Rep. Lloyd Doggett (TX 25th district) has evaded hundreds of thousands in local property taxes by claiming bogus ag exemptions on high dollar luxury homesites in North West Austin. No ‘ag’ activity is to be seen and when called to prove his claims, Doggett had NOTHING! Yet – the district allowed his exemption in violation of statute and rule. HOW? The Austin American Statesman has all the facts, but is keeping Doggett’s transgression under wraps. Someone needs to ask them why. Doggett, if you remember, is the guy who went on Frontline and denounced/demonized people who use tax loopholes to avoid paying “their fair share”. Doggett at best is a hypocrite, at worst a criminal, since he signed sworn statements claiming he was involved in agricultural activities, yet has no proof to back it up.

  5. Laura McGarry

    Bump is complicit is in the defrauding of America and the Boston Marathon Fraud. She was at Blast Site 1 setting up fake victims with her husband and Richard Serino (FEMA). She knows the victims are fake including the double amputee and she allowed them to frame the Muslim Brothers.

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    UPDATE: RRB contacted Bump’s office. Seems she’d getting lots of this crap; – was NOT at the Marathon.