PROOF! Obama KNEW – On Day 63!

Posted June 22nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

WATCH: WH Press Briefing March 24th 2009 – Day 63 of the Obama pResidency. Watch at 1.32 of this video when David Ogden says Obama was in it from the very beginning.

UPDATE: 10 AM Sunday June 24th:  Somehow the video is back on line…we urge you to watch and share with your friends before it is again removed! 

UPDATE: 2 PM Friday June 22nd: Sorry folks – it looks like SOMEBODY had this one taken down.  They’re sure trying to hide something!  We’ll repost if we can find it.

Obama personally – and all these goonsface criminal charges for gun running, Jamie Zapata’s and Brian Terry’s murders, and the murder of thousands of Mexicans. Thus the ‘Executive Privilege’.  What was their game plan?

The crux of their scheme had nothing to do with Mexican drug cartels. The cartel wars were merely very convenient.

They wanted to escalate the cartel wars many fold [‘screw the Mexicans’] – into a full-fledged war south of our border.

THAT would allow them to do two (2) things with minimal opposition:

1. Using Executive Orders – shut down gun stores, confiscate guns and ammunition, and generally ‘revoke and rescind’ your 2nd Amendment guaranteed right to bear arms. Their long-term vision is of a disarmed and compliant population.

2. Open our southern border to unlimited immigration – calling the resulting hordes of immigrants ‘war refugees’ – which would allow them to offer government financial ‘resettlement’ assistance.

Their long-term vision is of an America made much less ‘white’ by virtue of massive third world immigration.  Obama is hardly alone in his anti-white / anti-colonial views of white Americans and white Europeans. Many über-liberals hold these views.


Other than rigging elections, – WHEN have you EVER seen a democratic administration – state or federal – run a successful operation? NOT in my lifetime!  They’re ‘thinkers’ and ‘dreamers’ – not competent operators.

They instinctively recoil from real operators both in the military [why McChrystal was really fired] and in law enforcement [why they’ve badgered and sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio].

They sent in unqualified, inexperienced, and essentially unmotivated munchkins as their foot soldiers.

The few real tough guys like Zapata and Terry were mere pawns – and they were operating under impossible restrictions.

Zapata was required to be unarmed. Terry carried a shotgun – with non-lethal beanbag rounds. They only work at close range – easy kill distance for a drug runner armed with an AK-47.

The drug cartels are REAL OPERATORS; – they saw their opportunity and took full advantage of it. They bought thousands of automatic weapons. Obama made it EASY for them.

Now – in what we reverently hope will be the last seven (7) months of their regime, – the Obama Cartel hopes to hide behind Executive Privilege.

When that doesn’t work – they’ll toss a few pawns under the bus, and scream ‘RACISM!’.

David W. Ogden – featured in the video – was tossed out early – Feb 2010. He ~ may ~ be the weak link – and ~ may ~ be Obamacided.

When all else fails – you’ll see this pResident issue a series of pResidential Pardons.

Let’s hope our NEXT president will seal our border, appoint a REAL Attorney General, drive the snakes out of Justice and the State Department, – and bring these schemers to justice.

Remember, all these socialist crooks are guilty of  knowingly breaking the law. They did it as any socialist would – ‘for the greater good’.

I can think of no greater good than to see them all in orange jump suits. Classic justice would be to hold them in Sheriff Joe’s jail while awaiting trial.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

The missing video…

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  1. Flick

    Hmmm, NBC could edit that down to 0:53 of accolades!

    If you could post this, why isn’t this run on Fox at least?

    Pretty damning…
    Yep! Very damn damning Flick.

    Why…not on Fox? simple – we have better people helping us!

    You didn’t think us two old guys were doing this all alone did you?