Proof: Christopher Wray Has FAILED!

Posted January 26th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was two (2) disgraceful moments in one:  The FBI Team working for Robert Mueller makes a pre-Dawn Raid to arrest Trump’s friend Roger Stone,…

…and tipped off CNN to have a CAMERA CREW handy.   Christopher Wray – after 17 months – has FAILED to clean up the Bureau,  – and CNN is just too happy to be the propaganda arm of these weaponized FBI witch-hunters.
This is not Law Enforcement looking for Russian Interference,  – this is the Gestapo still robust in the 21st Century.
Smells like Waco!

2 Responses to “Proof: Christopher Wray Has FAILED!”

  1. Mt Woman

    Without a doubt, overkill to prove a pointless point. Like wearing a MAGA hat, if you are a friend or appear to be a supporter of Trump, you will be publically humiliated then left broken. Wray should be ashamed.

  2. George Stamas

    This is totally ridiculous and more importantly DANGEROUS-SOMEONE COULD HAVE BEEN WOUNDED OR EVEN KILLED! There is abundant evidence that the mule man has nothing. PRESIDENT TRUMP, FIRE MUELLER NOW!!!