Proof Arizona Law Is Valid

Posted April 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike

There are many reasons why Arizona’s tough new anti-illegal immigrant law is valid.  Here are the three most compelling: 

1.  Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton hates it.  He says he will go to Arizona to lead a protest.  If Reverend Al hates it – you know it must be a good thing!

Gavin's "Staff Wife"

2.  San Francisco Mayor Gavin [wandering penis] Newsom hates it enough to ban all “official San Francisco travel and business” to Arizona. 

OMG, what?  No more San Francisco honeymoons at the Grand Canyon?  That’s going to sting.  He may be worried that Arizona’s 450,000 illegals will move to the Bay Area when Arizona starts rounding them up.

3.  Undocumented Constitutional Scholar Barack Hussein Obama calls it “Misguided”.  Anything that pisses off oBummer is just fine with me!   “Show us your documents!

So let’s consider the law from the perspective of you in your home.

You are a nice enough and generous enough person, – but come sundown you prefer to be at home alone with your family, secure in your dwelling.  You’d like to have dinner, maybe watch a little TV, maybe read RRB, check the kids’ homework,  maybe make love to your spouse,  and go to sleep.

But all day strangers have been coming and going in your home.  They’ve helped themselves to your food, your clothing, slept in your beds, used your toilet and toilet paper, and turned the TV to the channels they wanted to watch.  And they played their your radio pretty loud too.  And they invited their friends to join them.  Now your house is a mess, trash is everywhere, and they’re still up having a party. 

So you call the police, but the duty officer just yawns in your ear.  They don’t send a patrol car.  It’s nearly midnight and you’re on your own. 

So you start to get rid of your unwanted intruders,  rounding them up and tossing them out on the street.  Suddenly Sharpton wants to picket your home, Newsom won’t do business with you, – and the Police Chief says you’re “misguided”, – that you’re undermining the basic notions of fairness.  Midguided?  Fairness??!?

The only things “misguided” are the social and political views of these world socialists – these people who at their core don’t believe in America,  in national sovereignty,  or national borders.  These are the “one world” MoonBats whose ideas of “fairness” would subject the USA to the UN, and drain our / your hard-earned wealth to near zero to pay for it. 

Remember this when “Democrats” are campaigning, and on November 2nd – let’s put new locks on our doors – and American Patriots in Congress! 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Proof Arizona Law Is Valid”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Again you have nailed it. The “show us your documents” or “show us your papers” is a concoction of the POTUS and the state run MSM to go along with their talking points that make the nazi connection. When in fact, on many occasions, you are required to show your driver’s license, such as, checking into a hotel, boarding an aircraft, at the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, at the bank, when stopped by a police officer, when entering a secure building, etc. What is the big deal about showing your driver’s license? It is only a big deal if you don’t have one and are illegal. This is all about enraging the usual suspects and pandering to the uber-liberal base. If they had taken the time to read the legislation, which they never do, they would not be making such outrageous statements, but we know that is not their template.

  2. Garland Coplon

    I do not understand the reason everybody are acting so livid over this latest law. All it seeks to do is give police officers the right to ask people to present their immigration documents. In nearly all countries in the world that’s absolutely acceptable. Why is that a source of such anger in The USA?

  3. Eccd

    Everyone has to have some form of identification. If I’m stopped for a motor vehicle violation, I’m asked for my license and registration. I don’t see what the difference is here.

    Today my State Rep., Jen Benson, 37th Middlesex District voted against Rep. Jeff Perry’s budget amendment to validate everyone applying for state services, i.e., welfare, housing, food stamps, etc., I asked her why and she said that no financial information was provided with the bill. There was no information about how much this would cost or what the savings would be. These databases are available and providing an ID doesn’t seem a problem to me. I supported this amendment. It seemed reasonable to me. Am I missing something?

    Remember in November.

  4. Arizona Citizen

    When Shakira stated “that I am pretty much undocumented” is absolutely ridiculous. She came to our country with documents. When entering into the United States legitimately you must show your passport, which Shakira certainly did. By challenging Arpaio to come and get her because she left her passport at her 5 star hotel clearly indicates Shakira does not understand the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. By Shakria not carrying her passport or identification does not mean she will be arrested. One must engage in illegal activity to be arrested and asked for identification, which most likely Shakira will not be engaging in illegal activity. For someone to rally other individuals without fully understanding the SB 1070 is irresponsible. People (including Shakira) need to take the time to fully understand the law before grand standing to an audience who expects her to be informed. Shakira should respect the United State’s freedom of speech and should be fully educated on the law before leading an emotional charged crowd. This law is not new, it is enforcing what is already in place by the Federal Government. It is a Federal crime to be an illegal alien thus the term “illegal alien.” Crime has become an increasing problem in Arizona. The law is designed to punish criminals for being criminals not for being illegal immigrants. Which all members of our community should embrace. If the Federal Government would take illegal immigration seriously there could be alternatives for this law. But the Federal Government ignored Arizona’s immigration problem and decided they could not rely on the Federal Government for help. Arizona’s actions are directed against the members of the immigrant community that are criminals. Anyone, citizen or non-citizen, should agree that the increased violence around our boarders needs to be addressed. Immigrants and citizens need to work together to reduce crime. Shame on you Shakria for further inflaming a passionate subject that should be addressed rationally. Shame on you everyone else for not educating yourself on the SB 1070. For those of you that want to be educated you can read the full law here