Progressives Have Aided Jihad

Posted October 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Long ago, when I was in Junior High – teachers were already telling us that “…religion is the cause of most wars”.   Of course it seemed to make sense – to a 7th grader.
Junior High Days

Soon their voices became louder, more strident.  No prayers in school, – no prayers before games, no teaching about religion in history classes… If there was no religion they reasoned,…- there would be no more wars.

The theme expanded rapidly in the 60s and 70s. If there were no countries, there would be no armies, – and thus no wars. Utopia!

[They ignored the gangs growing in our inner cities…they weren’t convenient to look at. Crips and Bloods didn’t fit into that utopian vision.]

The Progressives grew in power and influence. They became the campus, – they became local and state government. They became the media, Hollywood, the courts, and the Federal Government. God was OUT! Sex, drugs, and rap music were in.

Religion is the opiate of the masses” they said.

Rulers have always used religion to control their subjects, – free yourself!”

Religion is for the uneducated and the feeble-minded; – we are so beyond that…”

The pedophile priest scandals of the Catholic Church here and in Europe didn’t help the cause of organized religion…

Suddenly the Left had a new catch-phrase – a new weapon: “Separation of Church and State!” “Get that damned manger off Town Square!”

God, Jesus, and religions were to be banished – kept out of sight. Christmas trees became Holiday trees and Christmas vacation became Winter Vacation.

Hallmark and the malls went along with the changes. Giving expensive gifts was a display of your prosperity, – not an act of love or a reenactment of the Three Wise Men…

Judge Roy Moore or jihad

In 2003 the Left won a victory over Arkansas Judge Roy Moore when they got him fired for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from his courthouse. The Left has BIG problems with several of God’s Commandments…

But, – – if it is true that religion is for the feeble-minded, the feeble-minded didn’t go away just because the Left succeeded in sweeping Christianity from our public life.


The Laws of Unintended Consequences took over the Public Square….

Islam began to fill the vacuum the Progressives had created. It is a religion cult that appeals directly to the dis-enfranchised and the feeble-minded. Hey, what’s not to like about 72 virgins – particularly if you’re clumsy around girls?

The need to believe in a higher power never went away – even where Progressives, Communists, and Socialists ruled the land – or the political and social landscapes.

Most religions promise a mixture of two things; – a coping mechanism for dealing with life’s frustrations, – and a path to eternal happiness as a reward for leading a good life.

Some go further – promising revenge over oppressors – and non-believers.

Islam takes it to the extreme – promising 72 virgins for willing fools – martyrs.

So our own kids are becoming our domestic enemies.

They study an abbreviated and simplified form of Islam, [remember, they got very limited history in school – so they’re now easily brainwashed and recruited] – and choose to go on jihad – and kill a soldier in Canada or behead a co-worker in Oklahoma.

Apparently Mohammed was a very clever caravan robber and pedophile. The cult he founded has lasted 1400 years, and claimed millions of lives.

Osama bin Laden revived interest in the “World-wide Jihad”, – and so far the West has no workable answer to either quell their blood-lust, – or to wipe them out.

Jihad the growing religion

But we can lay a huge chunk of the blame for bin Laden’s success in his enablers – our own left-wing “Progressive” [aka Godless] politicians.

In the end – our kids may have to rise up and demand that we kill them all. 

Kill ’em all, –  let Allah figure out who gets the virgins….

3 Responses to “Progressives Have Aided Jihad”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Islamic, jihadist terrorists are not even terrorists in this upside down world of the Obama administration. The pResident and his minions would rather call it workplace violence so as not to offend the politically correct in their base, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Progressives and Common Core will attain their devious goal to rewrite and abolish history in the schools unless the voters, parents and School committees rise up and fight against this jihad bent on destroying our history we hold so dear. These murders are nothing more that an ugly manifestation of what is happening to our society, Islamic Terrorism and Educational Jihad.

  2. mark

    When you are a muslim, you must put iSlaM first above all else. They have no regards for U.S. law or any governments laws, only sharia. They are supposed to lie to the kefir. If the pResident is a muslim, it all makes sense. He always makes decisions that benefit iSlaM.

  3. Victor

    1) Let’s do the math for religious violence in the past few years:

    Islam: al-Qaeda, AQIM, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Hamas, Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Taliban, al-Shabaab, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, hundreds of other terrorist groups, beheadings of journalists, apostates, homosexuals, and blasphemers…

    Christianity: a couple abortion clinic attacks

    2) Why aren’t people from Christian nations America has been involved in like Congo, Chile, and Nicaragua beheading Americans? But people from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan do? It is a difference of religion.

    3) Name one successful peaceful democracy that has a majority Muslim population

    Tell this to the next person who says “All religions are the same!”