Pritzker: A Rare Democrat Who Gets It!

Posted March 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

When we think of Illinois – we mostly think of the corrupt and gang-infested city of Chicago,  – and the endless murders by young Black and Hispanic gangs. (2019: 2754 shot / 517 murdered).
But most of Illinois is rural, – rolling farm country,  – where 911 response is measured in miles.

If this is your first mental image of Illinois, you haven’t driven across the rest of the state!

From Rockton in the north to Cairo in the south,  – from Marshall in the east to Quincy on the banks of the Mississippi in the west,  Illinois is mostly low rolling to flat farm country,  – where your nearest neighbor (help?) may be 1,000 feet down the road,  and 911 response times is measured in quarter-hours.

Thus in times like these, – when ungrounded and amoral people might become desperate enough for food and toilet paper – to come into your home uninvited….

This one Democrat Governor understands that before you can even reach your phone to call for help, – your gun may be all that stands between you and a sudden meeting with Saint Peter.

It seems that Governor Pritzker understands that your carry weapon may be just as important to your survival as getting a Coronavirus test….so he ordered that stores selling guns and ammo are ESSENTIAL SERVICES.

You just know that LibTurd DemoCraps (90% of the Party) will condemn him,  perhaps even ostracize him and boycott the Hyatt Hotel Chain – which his family owns.

Jay’s sister Penny was Obama’s SecCommerce 2013-2017.

The Governor has not been unfriendly to our 2nd Amendment.  He did sign a bill requiring gun dealers to be licensed and trained, – and to keep their merchandise locked and secured.

UPDATE:  Monday, 23 March 2020  Another Democrat Governor follows Pritzker’s lead.

3 Responses to “Pritzker: A Rare Democrat Who Gets It!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Someone just needs to have the guts to say it. The China virus cannot be stopped or slowed. Shutting down business and declaring martial law causes more harm than good.

  2. Jim Buba

    What patience I once had for a ‘possibility’ has worn exceedingly thin with a Global Mortality Rate of 3.67%

    Using Academenut math, and an assumption of 6.2 Billion Humans in the world, there is a 0.0002% Mortality Rate among the 0.005% chance anyone will contract the Virus.

    ((Using Johns Hopkins Dashboard for updated information, though we still do NOT know if every ‘Case’ is actually the (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus or just any old Virus, especially the one(s) that bring us the Common Cold & Flu.))

    The Second Amendment was INTENDED for our protection from OUR GOVERNMENT. It is time to double check our hardware.

  3. Walter Knight

    I give Governor Pritzker no credit. Given a close vote, he’s still a liberal.