Princess Michelle’s Oil Spill Chic

Posted July 14th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Oil Spill Chic

On Tuesday Princess Michelle visited the gleaming white sandy beaches of Panama City, FL to show her concern and empathy with Gulf Coast towns hit with oil from Deep Horizon.  She was fresh off her speaking event at the NAACP Convention in Kansas City, and this event was “by invitation only”.  Florida Governor and now “independent” Senate Candidate Charlie Christ decided not to show up.  I guess we can say that at least Charlie knows one lost cause when he sees it.  Now if he’ll just look in the mirror.

Oh, and BTW, no sooner had The Princess finished her speech at the NAACP Convention, than they took up their next piece of business.  They branded the TEA Party movement “Racist”. 

Anybody besides me miss the days of Mamie Eisenhower, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush?  Democrats, what were you thinking?

   /s/  Iron Mike
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  1. andy

    You guys rock. I was driving behind your awesome truck in Norwalk, CT yesterday, that’s how I found my way here.

    I’ve only been in America for 2 years but I’ve always been an American.

    Keep fighting!