Preview of Occupy 2012

Posted November 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

It came yesterday in Oakland California – a liberally governed city trying it’s best to stay socially abreast of big sister San Francisco.

4,500 ‘occupiers’ – including some hard-core antichrists took control of the Port of Oakland and caused widespread damage and violence throughout the city.

They were empowered in part by the weak, limp-wrested official response by Mayor Jean Quan, City Administrator Deanna Santana, and Police Chief Howard Jordan.

These public officials were elected in quiet times largely for their liberal views.

Now amid anarchy they are proving themselves inadequate to deal with hard core goons.  They have neither the inclination nor the gravitas to deal with such an insurgency.  Citizens and businesses will suffer accordingly.

All these Occupy actions are simply a training exercise for the Obama goons who will unleash sheer hell on this country during the spring, summer, and fall of 2012.  Every city with weak and ineffectual leadership will be targeted.  Arm yourselves.
Fair Warning for 2012

The Occupy movement is quietly funded by George Soros through a whole series of ‘front organizations’ like the reborn ACORN groups, the SEIU, and others.

Their purpose is to intimidate middle America – to keep you from the polling places next November 6th.  This is basic Marxism – as redefined for American by Cloward-Piven, to overwhelm the system.

Remember, Obama probably already knows he will lose a fair election next year, – so he’s looking for an excuse to ‘postpone them’ due to an ‘ongoing crisis’.  Occupy 2012 will happily provide his ‘crisis’.  Look how well it’s working in Greece.

In Oakland they just proved they can close our 5th largest port on a moment’s notice.  Next summer they’ll start closing highways, bridges, and airports!  Stockpile food and arm yourselves!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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