Pressure Your Congressional Socialists!!

Posted September 8th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Tuesday Morning Americans,

Today most of our elected senators and congressmen/women have found their way back to Washington, – many fresh from some pretty ugly town hall meetings. The socialists are probably glad to be back amid the worshiping faces of their staffs.

Given what they’re about to try doing to us, – don’t let them enjoy a minute of respite. This is the week, and probably next week too – to let them feel the full weight of your distrust, anger, and righteous outrage.  Many of you have never called or e-mailed a congressional office holder.  It’s time now!

On your web browser type in either or . Atop of both pages you’ll find a pull-down menu to locate your own reps. Go to their pages and click on the CONTACT buttons.  You’ll find phone numbers, fax numbers, and for most – web form e-mail pages.  Most of you already pay for unlimited nationwide phone service. Use it!  Call them and leave your message.  E-mail them – every day.  They need to feel the pressure from the voters, because the White House will be putting the squeeze on them, – promising back-door deals in exchange for them selling you, your kids, and our country down the river.

LurchIf you live here in Mass-a-One-Shits – you can give Lurch a special “hello” from me!   He wouldn’t talk to me in Somerville last week. He’s a lawyer by trade [after spending years selling out our country] so you might ask him why he’s never lifted a finger on tort reform. Phone (202) 224-2742.  Don’t expect a straight answer, – but you should ask. We’re stuck with him through 2014, – something to think about come our Special Election in January.

Americans, we’ve just won two small victories.  Van Jones was forced to resign, and Obama was forced to change the speech he’s giving our school kids today.  Tomorrow night he’s doing another prime-time Joint Address to the Nation where he’ll invoke Fat Teddy’s name in the cause.  His need for TV cameras is endless.  KEEP PRESSURE ON ALL OF THEM.

Support your local Conservatives and Republicans!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Pressure Your Congressional Socialists!!”

  1. Les Carpenter III

    Good info. on how to contact the “leaders” that are preparing to radically change our nation, forever.

    The march to a total socialist/statist nation is advancing every minute of every day under the Obamanation.

    Conservatives, Libertarians, and Independents with a love of country, limited government, the individual over the collective, free market capitalism, and freedom of speech now is the time to unite and mount a full court press on Washington as the rabid republican so aptly put it.

    Les Carpenter