PresO sets his priorities!

Posted September 12th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

One Response to “PresO sets his priorities!”

  1. Kevin

    Can we add to this list: save the economy?

    It seems like the Big O is too busy for that too. Too busy to read an economic text book (or attend intel briefings). Hanging out with celebs like Beyonce must take its toll. Unfortunately, while he is jet-setting around in Air Force One – there are some big problems that are not being addressed. more importantly – the economy.

    Steve Forbes makes an elegant argument for why big government and capitalism cannot cooperatively co-exist ( It is the kind of book Obama wouldn’t want you to read – you might start getting ideas – think for yourself – and not vote for him. (Should we tell him that it is too late and we aren’t going to give him another 4 years anyway?)